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Three things to consider before buying a new floor

Published: March 30, 2017

Choosing the right floor involves more than simply walking into a store, picking a color of floor and walking out. To choose the best floor for your home you need to make a wants and needs list. If you just go with what you want, you might end up with a floor that doesn’t last as long as it could or that is far outside your budget. It’s important to consider some key flooring needs before you go shopping.

Tile is both a practical and beautiful choice for this entryway

1. For which room are you buying flooring and who is using it?

Is the floor going in a seldom-used guest room or a busy family room? A bathroom with potential moisture issues or a dining room? The room itself will play a large role in selecting the right type of flooring. Different types of flooring can handle different levels of traffic or use. Now consider who is using it. Do you have kids? Pets? Are there elderly people in your home? The people and pets using the floor should also play a large role in the type of flooring you select.

2. What is your color scheme?

Is the floor going in an existing room? If so, the colors of the room will help guide you to a floor that complements the room. Picking flooring for a new room? You’ll want to keep your planned color scheme in mind or pick a floor that has lots of potential matches. Neutral flooring is certainly a good choice when it comes to design but don’t feel that you need to lock yourself into neutral colors. There are many color options for carpet, area rugs, tile, hardwood and resilient floors – you can certainly find the design that perfectly complements your taste.

3. Where are you going to buy the floor?

Many people think that they’ll get the best deal on flooring from a “big box” store. Here at Kermans, we beg to differ. We’ve been the top choice for Indianapolis homeowners for decades because they know real value when they see it. Our buying power with top flooring brands is tremendous and our free design experts provide the guidance that many people need when buying new flooring.

You’re not alone when it comes to finding the best floor for your home, lifestyle and budget. The Indianapolis flooring experts at Kermans are here to help. Start with our free buyer’s guides and then stop by our showroom to get started.

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