Rediscover carpet at the best flooring store in Indianapolis.

Why carpet?

Comfort and luxury: Easy-care carpet cushions and warms your feet while it quiets your rooms.

  • Choose from an abundance of colors, styles and patterns.
  • Find choices to suit any budget, décor and lifestyle.
  • Install carpet pretty much anywhere – even outdoors.
  • Follow simple care advice for enduring performance.
  • A quick, easy choice for installation and replacement.
  • Serves as a natural insulator to preserve warmth.

Our buyers’ guide shows you how to choose the right carpet for your traffic patterns, lifestyle and color preferences. Come to Kermans and view your options in person.

Types of Carpet


Ideal for high-traffic rooms

Woven carpets with uncut loops for a continuous surface that hides footprints, doesn’t show dirt and is easy to vacuum.

Level loop pile: Casual looks for high-traffic, high-activity spaces that need long-wearing options.

Berber: Thick, bulky yarns, traditionally with flecks of color on a pale background.

Cut pile:

Versatile, comfortable and popular

Woven carpets with cut loops that form tufts for a soft, dense look. Yarn density and twist produce cut-pile carpet texture.

Level cut pile: Fiber, tuft density and yarn twist combine for durability. The greater the twist, the longer it holds its shape.

Saxony: Heat-straightened twisted fibers create a soft texture and formal look. Best in low-traffic rooms to avoid foot and vacuum marks.


New designs and a contemporary feel

Lightly twisted cut-pile yarns create a look that’s as durable as it is distinctive. Mixed yarn shades highlight the twists and bends.

Friezé: Tightly twisted yarns make for a contemporary look that thrives in high-traffic areas. Less likely to show foot and vacuum marks than other cut pile types.

Shag: Yarn thickness and textures make this resurgent favorite a bold statement.


Creative looks for something different

This category ranges from casual to formal. Some patterns use varied yarn lengths or cut styles. Others mix colors and designs.

Cut and loop: The combination of cut and uncut loops creates solid and multi-color patterns, including geometrics.

Patterned loop: High and low pile loops – and sometimes various yarn shades – mix to form distinctive designs.

Our manufacturers make the difference

Kermans carries some of the leading brands of high-quality carpet, with options and pricing to suit any style and budget. Visit our showroom to see our selection up close.