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Why tile?

Tile combines functional versatility with design flexibility. Go from simple to intricate layouts with an abundance of styles, shapes, patterns and colors.

  • Timeless options with centuries of tradition.
  • Today’s technology greatly broadens design and application options.
  • Outstanding durability, even in areas with high traffic or moisture.
  • Easy-care maintenance simplifies upkeep.
  • Combine solids and patterns to create a unique design.
  • Extend tile as a wall covering as well as for flooring.

Our buyers’ guide shows you how to choose the right tile for your traffic patterns, lifestyle and color preferences. Come to Kermans and view your options in person.

Types of Tile

Ceramic has dominated the tile industry, but it’s far from the only option today. Choose concrete, flagstone, glass, marble, metal, mirror, porcelain, slate, terracotta, vinyl and even wood, with matte, gloss or textured finishes. Choose tile options that match the moisture level of your rooms.


The versatile traditional choice, with long-lasting beauty and performance in solid colors and patterns. Glazed tile features a glasslike surface, with bright colors and stain resistance. Unglazed tile, or quarry tile, takes its color from pigment that’s part of the tile itself, and requires sealing for stain resistance. Manufacturer ratings establish toughness and scratch resistance on a scale from group one for low-traffic areas to group five for commercial installations.


Make a colorful contemporary statement – even on backsplashes and entire walls, with an eco-friendly material that’s often made from post-consumer or post-industrial glass. Recycled glass offers a wide range of colors, shapes and patterns. Glass tiles can reflect plenty of light and may be slightly transparent. Combine shapes and sizes to create beautiful mosaics.


Add an industrial look to a floor or backsplash with materials that include copper, bronze, stainless steel and zinc, sometimes with a patina that mimics oxidation. Choose large or small sizes in various finishes, including rough, polished and high gloss.


A damage-resistant chameleon that’s stronger than granite and can mimic luxurious stone and wood, or build intricate patterns. Porcelain offers greater density and more resistance to stains and water than ceramic. The color and texture of unglazed through-body porcelain runs all the way through the material, which hides scratches or chipping. The top layer of glazed porcelain enables it to offer greater color and design options.


Enduring natural beauty that offers strength and timeless elegance. Different types of stone offer more or less durability and stain resistance. Choose from many types, including flagstone or sandstone, limestone, marble, slate, granite, travertine and terrazzo. Unlike other stone types, terrazzo is a manufactured product made from stone or marble chips embedded in cement and then polished.

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