1. Match tile to location: These are highly durable materials, but moisture and scratch resistance vary among types of tile. Baths and kitchens need less-porous tile to resist water, whereas entryways need hardness and scratch resistance. Choose different options for outdoor and indoor rooms.
  2. Create a one-of-a-kind design: Customize the look of your room with trim work, decorative tiles, grout colors and sealants.
  3. Understand shading: Tile that’s produced from natural stone – or made to look like it – varies in surface texture and color. Tile manufacturers code their samples so you know whether to expect minimal or wide color variation among individual tiles.
  4. Glazed vs. unglazed: Make your choice based on whether you need high durability or less-visible wear. In addition, unglazed tile can offer better slip resistance.

Ready for installation day

Some of our installers have worked with us for 15 years or more. Their professional experience helps your new floor look and perform its best.

Plan your checklist


  • Decide who’s responsible for removing furniture and other objects. Installers can do this – for an additional fee.
  • Installers may need to remove moldings and baseboards. Be prepared to take care of any repairs or paint touchups.
  • Remove any breakables, computers and electronics before installers arrive.
  • Clear off tables and desks.
  • Remove the contents from bookcases, entertainment centers and armoires.
  • Disconnect gas appliances in installation rooms.
  • For closet installations, clear at least 3′ above floors to give installers room.


  • Be at home to answer questions and verify what goes where.
  • Keep yourself, kids and pets out of the way of installers and their tools.
  • If our installers discover an existing leak or subfloor problem after they remove your old flooring, they’ll notify you immediately and provide you with a quote for additional repairs or prep work. For plumbing or electrical work, we’ll ask you to contact the right specialists.
  • Because tile installation is a construction project, expect the process to create dust.
  • Before installers leave, walk through the space with the crew chief to tie up any loose ends.

The Process

  • Step One: Our installers clean and level the substrate so your floor’s foundation provides an ideal surface. In a kitchen, bath or exterior room, our installers may apply waterproofing.
  • Step Two: Installers lay out the tile based on the plan you developed with your Kermans Design Consultant. The adhesive then needs 12-24 hours to cure.
  • Step Three: Installers return to grout your tile and complete the process.


Plan to stay off your new tile floor for 2-3 days.

In some instances, our installers will recommend that you mop the new floor daily to prevent cracked or unevenly cured grout. Do not take this step unless you are instructed to do so.

Ask us anything

Whether you’re redoing one room or your entire home, make sure you choose the right flooring for each application. Your Kermans Design Consultant will be happy to help you through these questions and more.

  • Does this product suit my lifestyle?
  • How will I use this floor?
  • Will this work with pets and children?
  • How long will this stay viable?
  • What type of tile is best for my room(s)?
  • I have radiant heat in my floor. Can I install ceramic tile over it?
  • Can you install radiant heat in my floor as part of a tile project?
  • Will ceramic tile be too cold and uncomfortable because of its hardness?
  • Will this tile be slippery if it gets wet?
  • What’s the installation cost, and what’s included in it?
  • How long will this installation take?
  • Are your installers insured and bonded?
  • Will my baseboards and trim pieces be a problem?
  • What about my furniture and breakables?

And most importantly:

  • Why should I choose Kermans?

We’re a family-run company with a century of expertise, a broad selection of high-quality flooring and a consultative approach to customer satisfaction. Our designers work with you at no charge as you refine your choices and find your best options.

Come to Kermans for the best of everything you need on your floors.