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What kind of carpet is best for busy homes?

Published: March 28, 2017

Pets. Kids. Parties. Family gatherings. If you have a home with a front door that sometimes feels like a revolving door, you might think that carpet is not the best choice for your home. While it’s certainly true that hard surface flooring is a long-lasting, beautiful choice for busy homes, there’s no reason to push the idea of carpet aside.

Carpet ready to stand up to busy homes - even homes with pets

Types of carpet

There are many different types of carpet available today. Our in-house design staff – free for all Kermans customers – would likely steer you away from plush saxon velvet carpets. However, there are plenty of other types of carpet that can give you the benefits of carpet and stand up to your high traffic demands.

Pet-friendly carpet options

Most major carpet manufacturers now offer beautiful carpeting with incredibly strong stain protection built right into the carpet fibers. Stainmaster’s PetProtect, Shaw’s Life Happens and Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean lines of carpet are all outstanding examples of carpets that resist fading and incorporate waterproof technology so you don’t have to worry about pet accidents damaging your carpet padding or subfloors. And there’s no reason to sacrifice design or trends with these carpets – they offer a wide variety of options to match any decor.

Why choose carpet?

Carpet remains one of the most affordable flooring options on the market today. It’s comfortable and soft underfoot. It insulates your rooms, keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It comes in an amazingly diverse range of colors and options. From design preferences to practical features, carpet is an excellent choice for any home — even busy ones.

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