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How the Right Standards Make Better Floors

Published: August 4, 2023

Every profession has its standards. When you combine ingenuity with best practices, you get better results every time – and predictable quality that lasts. Without best practices for what we build, none of the things we depend on to support everyday life would provide the safe, lasting performance we expect.

In that respect, flooring is no different from any other aspect of your home. Standards help establish how to select, install and maintain the ideal flooring choices for every room. At Kermans, we demonstrate our respect for and knowledge of these standards through every floor we install – and through our close partnership with the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI).

The vision to excel

Led by Board President Cameron Knox of Lennar Corporation and a Board of Directors that draws from every profession involved with home excellence and ownership, BAGI shares our focus on deep community engagement. Its home-show traditions date back as far as 1926, with Home-A-Rama in its 70th year as a showcase for all the trends and technologies that advance the satisfaction of owning a beautiful home.

BAGI also participates actively in the Indianapolis Home Show, the longest-running show of its kind in the U.S. and the biggest in the Midwest. Beyond highlighting the best of new and abiding standards and options for home ownerships, BAGI members also engage with local Habitat for Humanity projects to give back directly to families in the community.

At Kermans, our own traditions stretch back even farther than BAGI’s august history – and we’re just as committed to making sure that what we do provides an ideal element of customers’ homes. We work with builders in Central Indiana and beyond to ensure that the flooring they incorporate into their home designs offers the ideal enduring performance to accentuate their visions of livable comfort. Likewise, we apply the same dedication to high standards when we work directly with individual homeowners.

We recently joined with BAGI on a golf outing at the Ironwood development in Fishers. As you can see from our event gallery, we enjoyed a great social event that also commemorated our shared commitment to communication and collaboration with the builder community – as well as with the home owners of Central Indiana.

When you choose Kermans for your home project, you benefit from our leadership in the flooring marketplace. The breadth of our selection of hardwoods, carpet, tile, resilient flooring and area rugs is unparalleled in Central Indiana, and we offer you the highest-quality products you can find. Our Design Consultants help you realize your home décor aesthetic with the right products to express your unique style. From start to finish, you’ll find the flooring you want and the standards you deserve at Kermans. Come see us today for your ideal floors.

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