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The Planning Factor for Remodeling Success

Published: April 13, 2023

So you’ve decided to remodel part of your home. You know the old advice: Failing to plan equals planning to fail, and when it comes to remodeling, success and planning are soulmates. Before you dive in to the fun part – choosing new design options – take a deep breath and make yourself a workable overall plan. Just remember that everyone needs to do this, and a lack of foresight can cost you time and money.

Full or empty

The first consideration, of course, is your home itself. You’ll need to plan differently to remodel your current residence than if you’ve purchased a new home but haven’t yet moved in. That’s because you’ll need access to every square inch of each room you want to redo – and that’s a lot easier in an empty house.

It’s also easier to clear the way for installers when the rest of your family isn’t underfoot. Hands down, the empty house wins the easy-access prize, but if that’s not your situation, you’ll simply need to decide where to put stuff while your installers are hard at work.

Why think about this first? Because two days before installation day isn’t a great time to figure out how – or where – to relocate a piano, refrigerator or sofa. The logistics take less work when you figure them out in advance.

The big idea

What’s the focus of your remodel? Are you ready to update an outdated look, faced with an aging or damaged floor that needs a replacement or simply poised for a change? The “why” of your remodel helps you start the design phase of the process.

If you want a fresh version of the same basic look, that automatically narrows down your choices. But if you’re staring at a room that’s giving you stale style vibes, you’re in start-fresh mode, and that means all options are on the table.

Time for the “what”

The “why” part of your remodel plan leads directly into the “what.” Hardwoods – perhaps with an area rug? Laminate? Tile? Carpet? Luxury vinyl plank? This is the point at which you need a strong vision of your entire room – from the top down or the bottom up.

Do you start with flooring? Begin with light fixtures? Work from cabinets and appliances to the rest of the room? Sometimes, the inspiration for an entire room can be the smallest part of it: The colors in a painting, the look of a particular type of patterned tile, the needs of a high-traffic floor. A kitchen or bath remodel can involve more considerations than a living room or bedroom because of the required elements, including cabinets, appliances and plumbing.

The installation of all these items is a different matter, however, and most of the considerations involve common sense. Basically, the installation process simply treats your remodel as a sequence of layers, beginning with what forms the foundation of the room. Start with the bottom layer: Paint first and floors second in a room with no water sources; plumbing first otherwise. You don’t want to install a new floor until you sort out plumbing and subfloors—and you need to plan ahead for contingencies, such as a water-damaged subfloor or leaky toilet base that’s revealed when your installer removes old flooring.

Build a budget

Your budget can determine the extent of your remodel in a heartbeat. Before you start planning, you already should have a good idea of how much you want to spend, but while you’re window shopping, you need to correlate your desires with your ability to invest in them. When you work with a professional design consultant, they can help you find ways to express your style affordably.

Plan for “what if”
The best-laid remodeling plans can go awry, whether you’re working with pros or doing it yourself. Leave room in your budget for the unforeseen, especially for items that pop up when you remove old flooring. These what-if scenarios affect your timelines as well as your budget. Scope out potential pitfalls, from living in a construction zone for longer than you expected to calling a plumber in the midst of redoing a floor. The more you anticipate potential surprises, the less surprising they actually are.

The fun part

Now it’s time to look at flooring – and all the other parts of your design project. At Kermans, we have all the options you want and the savvy to help you fulfill your remodeling dreams without blowing up your budget. We’ll find you a laminate floor with the look of wood that will make your hardwood dreams come true. We’ll send you home with carpet samples you can check out at no charge through our Kermans Sample Trial program, and you’ll fall in love with a carpet choice that’s priced just right for you. In fact, one of the best ways to plan for a successful remodel is to get the Kermans pros on your team. Bring us your budget and your ideas, and we’ll help you get your style on track.

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