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5 Dos for Retro Flooring Flair

Published: April 29, 2022

Lace up your earth shoes for a walk down flooring memory lane. You’ll want to hold onto the seat of your parachute pants because these five retro revivals “dos” bring back lively looks from the past with (thankfully) a fresh take.

Do: Statement color

There was nothing timid about old school tile colors and treatments. While you can avoid  harvest gold or avocado territory (two colors we won’t miss),  you can look for modern shades with timeless appeal. Don’t be afraid to visualize your bath in pink and black tile, or run sunny yellow throughout your kitchen. Done right, statement colors and well-planned treatments can add vitality and visual appeal that rings the nostalgia bell with modern harmony.

Do: Vinyl

Linoleum was the resilient flooring of choice from the middle of the last century and well into the 1980s. While durable, linoleum is vulnerable to discoloration and water. Luxury vinyl tile is the resilient flooring for today. It can stand up to almost any underfoot challenge – including water – with fresh styles that transcend your memory’s expectations.

Do: Patterns

Carpet and linoleum patterns from the past might have gone a little too far. With a bit of editing, the inspiration can make sense in your home today. In larger spaces and longer hallways, patterns can add a cheery lift – or even a cheeky bit of humor – to an otherwise utilitarian space. You’ll find patterns in virtually every type of flooring imaginable, and when the material itself doesn’t include patterned style, you can create patterns through the way you install it. Think hardwood herringbones, carpet borders and tile “art,” along with interesting geometrics in carpet and area rugs. Put patterned flooring to work in a room that’s otherwise filled with relaxing solids.

Do: Walk lightly

“Walk Like an Egyptian” is a great song, but installing wall-to-wall flooring inspired by the song is a little too extra for today (same with “Walking on Sunshine”). You still can find ways to work the best of any era into your rooms with area rugs. Let your area rugs run a little wilder than your overall style. Use them to add a lively accent that picks up colors from furniture, artwork or nature.

Do: Live in the present with the best of the past

The 1970s and 1980s ushered in many new looks – some of which we’re glad were ushered out – but these decades also fostered our appetite for bold colors, choices, patterns and flair. Is it time for you to consult the vintage playbook in your flooring choices? Come in and talk with one of our expert design consultants about how you can broaden your flooring horizons with some hints from the past that make sense in the present.

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