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Plan Your Floors Whether You Flip, Rent, Sell or Stay

Published: April 18, 2022

A house is not a home – and that’s especially true if you’re not planning on making it your primary residence. If you’re a flipper who buys houses to rehab and resell, or you pick up a duplex to use as a rental, you don’t view these properties the same way you do your “real home.” When it comes to the flooring you choose, make the right selection for each of these types of residences so you can maximize the value of your investment.

Tips for your flip

The whole point of a property that you buy to flip is to put as little money into it as possible and get as much out of it as you can. Otherwise, your project isn’t profitable – and it won’t yield the funds you need to invest in your next purchase.

When you choose flooring for a property you plan to rehab and turn around on the market, you want to focus on practical, attractive, affordable options that add appeal without subtracting unduly from your wallet. You’re not going to want to invest in hardwood flooring, for example, because as beautiful as it looks, it’s not a cost-effective option in this type of property. Laminates and vinyl plank can give you the look of wood without the price or, for that matter, the maintenance.

Optimize your rental

When you buy a property to use as a rental investment, you focus on making it practical and attractive from two perspectives: how much you’ll have to do to keep it attractive and in good shape, and how easily your tenants can maintain it. You also want to ensure that the money you put into your floors will pay off over a longer term than if you only planned to hang on to the property long enough to flip it.

Again, laminates and vinyl plank can go a long way toward balancing the appeal of your interiors with the easy care that saves you from repeated replacements. Carpet adds an inviting touch to bedrooms, but you may want to avoid it in high-traffic areas to minimize wear. Also consider whether you’ll allow pets and choose the right flooring to stand up to busy paws.

Stage your successful sale

If you’re on the move to a new home, you want your home to sell well. Even in a hectic housing market, the choices you make about flooring upgrades may yield a more-profitable sale.

If your carpets show a clear wear pattern, they deserve replacement. Likewise, you may want to consider refinishing a hardwood floor or replacing bathroom tile. But this can be a situation in which it’s less costly to give a buyer an allowance toward new flooring rather than spend your valuable time on the project. The flooring experts at Kermans can help you balance these considerations and make the right choices.

Save your best for home, sweet home

It’s your nest, your center, your place to unwind, and your home needs to reflect not only your personality but your lifestyle. Whether you’re building a house, renovating a new purchase or investing in updates for a long-time residence, you’re creating an environment that gives you peace of mind.

Only you can determine whether a dramatic patterned carpet, a vibrant area rug, heated bathroom tile or a new laminate kitchen will fit your practical needs and make you happy. Come see the experts at Kermans for the broadest selection of options and the best advice on how to leverage today’s exciting new flooring options for your family.

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