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Best Flooring Choices for Multifunctional Spaces

Published: May 31, 2022

Quick question: When you’re choosing new flooring, which part of your home gives you the most trouble? For some people, it’s the living room, which they envision as a statement that demands either an epic choice or one that blends in effortlessly. For others, it’s the spaces they use in so many different ways that they can’t figure out what’s best underfoot. Go for practicality; but is that attractive enough? Focus on looks; but how well will that handle wear?

What if the most difficult room in your home could be your easiest decision? You don’t have to choose between durable functionality and statement-level looks. We have the solution to go for what you really want in terms of style, color and easy cleanup – and get it all with one simple, affordable choice.

The simple answer is two words: resilient flooring. This is luxury vinyl that redefines the term, able to impersonate anything from stone and tile to ceramic and wood. It’s an easy installation that’s forgiving of less than perfect subfloors. It’s comfortable underfoot, able to maintain constant year-round temperatures and a provide a little toe-happy “give” that wood and tile can’t offer. The combination of durable materials and lock-together installation technology makes it 100% waterproof, standing up to any challenge you throw at it. Kids, pets, heavy foot traffic, mud rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, even basements: resilient flooring takes on your toughest rooms and looks great doing it.

Pet-proof options

If the first thing that stops you from choosing the floor you really want is the patter of little feet or paws, resilient flooring is here to save the day – and your vision of your multifunctional spaces. In fact, luxury vinyl checks all the boxes, from wear and care to style and smiles.  Minimize the care routine: sweep, wipe up, damp mop. Even with pets, you can give your home the showplace look without the complications.

How it works

How can luxury vinyl look so great? Resilient flooring takes vinyl’s strong suits and adds another special benefit, in the form of high-resolution printing that enables it to fool just about anyone into thinking it’s one of the mainstays of traditional flooring. Manufactured in planks or tiles instead of the sheets of the old-style vinyl days, it offers the form factor of other flooring types as well as their surface appearance.

No compromises

So you don’t have to settle for less than you want or more than you want to spend. Resilient flooring gives you the high style without the high price, and a list of choices so broad that now, you have options instead of worries. Let our experienced professional design consultants guide you through those options during an in-person appointment, and we’ll help you find exactly what you want for the rooms you were afraid would become your biggest compromises.

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