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Give Your Home the Blues with New Flooring Ideas

Published: December 23, 2022

If you’ve been tracking décor trends lately, you’ve seen gray become a dominant color for floors, walls and more. That’s partially because it gives a cool, modern look to revamped interiors – and many of the homes you see on the market have been fixed up to flip, with new flooring and paint schemes that all seem to follow the same design ideas.

After a while, all that gray can become all too neutral, and today’s plethora of gray-and-white interiors creates an overly light palette that begs for some color. If you’re looking for a break from that neutral vibe but you’re not ready for supersaturated tones, blues add beautiful accents that can stay cool and still give a room some colorful cheer.

Put a rug on it

Rather than redo your floors, add to them. Patterned or solid, a blue area rug can be as bold as a bright hue or as quiet as a stately shade of navy. On a darker gray laminate floor, light blue tones echo a sky’s reflection. Conversely, on light gray hardwoods, a dark blue area rug anchors your room with a dignified look. Of course, carpet can help you achieve the same inspiration in an entire room.

Bring nature indoors

Despite all those gray-and-white interiors that pop up when you browse through real estate listings, nature offers enduring inspiration for today’s interiors, and a blue tiled floor can turn a bathroom into an oasis of calm. Where a previous generation would have run that color on walls and vanities, today’s nature trends pull it back to avoid adding a blue glow to your reflection in the mirror.

Add some geometry

Modern luxury vinyl offers futuristic and retro patterns that can turn high-traffic areas into waterproof, functional spaces that still offer design appeal. Of course, you’ll want to size the pattern you choose to the amount of space you’re filling, so it’s pleasing to the eye but not an overwhelming expanse of detail. Some of these flooring favorites also work beautifully when you use them on a wall, as a backsplash behind a slide-in range or an accent above a sink.

Section it off

You’ve seen this look in modern business interiors, but it’s relevant at home, too: A mix of flooring types within a single room, often to accommodate a combination of usage areas. Play out this style idea in your home with a kitchen that combines blue tile flooring in food prep areas with the look of wood in luxury vinyl plank for a dining nook.

Make your pattern

Tile adds versatility in any room, with everything from ceramic and marble to stone and clay – and clever impersonators in other materials. But one of tile’s best tricks is its ability to create patterns from a mixture of colors and types. Whether you build a unique color mix into something very like a work of art underfoot or simply add a clever border with color or patterns, tile adds depth to your design options. When you blend in blue tiles, you add as much bold or subdued color as you want.

Finish with blue

If you’re a hardwood flooring fan but you’re not into the traditional color palette of natural woods, you can have the best of both worlds with one floor. Today’s hardwood finishes and colorings broaden the color range so you can express your style and still enjoy the beauty and value of wood flooring. A blue hardwood floor adds subtle drama in a mix of modern hue ideas and classic materials.

Feed your imagination

Ready to add some new and colorful blue ideas to your home? It’s fun to envision a new look, but when it comes down to choosing area rugs, carpet, tile and hardwoods, you want to see the real thing. You won’t find a wider selection of options anywhere else in central Indiana – and our knowledgeable design consultants can help you turn your blues into a bright new look. Make an appointment to come in to Kermans for the best mix of expertise and selection.

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