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Home for the Holidays – With New Floors on Schedule

Published: October 14, 2022

Are new floors on your wish list for this year’s holiday season? Then you don’t want the installer showing up the same time your guests do. Plan ahead for a smooth, timely result.

Never too early

The fun of having new floors installed starts long before your installer arrives. If your holiday plans include transforming the bathroom, upgrading your kitchen, or brightening the living room with new flooring, take practical steps before Halloween.

Have a vision

Are you looking for luxurious carpet? Or are the latest laminates and luxury vinyl planks catching your eye? What type of flooring best suits the spaces you want to update? Ensure your flooring vision and your room’s function match. For instance, avoid carpet in a kitchen and look for waterproof options for a basement entertainment space.

Set your budget

You want a welcoming home for holiday celebrations, and you need to be comfortable with the bottom line. Consider square footage of the room, the type of floor you have in mind, and installation. The amount you allocate will help our team identify all your options.

Talk to a pro

Visit Kerman’s to talk with our experienced and helpful design consultants. They work closely with you, your vision, and your budget to talk through your selections. With Kermans Sample Trial, our designers can even lend you large swatches of the flooring you’re considering. You take them home and see what works in real life for your rooms. Unlike a big box store, the Kerman’s Sample Trial is free.

Planning pays off

You’ve budgeted, worked with our designers, and selected. Now, it’s time for the installer and “time” is the key word here!  When the installer takes up the old floor, you will find out if any surprises lurk under your existing floor. Ideally, everything goes smoothly. If the installer discovers any damage to your subfloor, your planning will pay off.  By starting before Halloween, you have given yourself enough time to fix any anomalies and have your new floor ready for the holiday season!

Be of good cheer

Be ready to welcome friends and family members to your home for the holidays and know that we are here to help you. Come see us – for more high-quality options than you’ll find anywhere else. We can’t ensure that everyone will get along around your holiday dinner table, but we’re sure they’ll all love your new floors.

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