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Beyond Floors: Create Stylish Looks

Published: August 25, 2022

Today’s versatile flooring choices can go far beyond the surfaces under your feet. Think “flooring above the floor” and you can create décor magic that makes your home one of a kind.

Tile style

Tile can transform a room into an eye-catching work of art when you use its many sizes and colors to build a mosaic. The lengthy list of materials also makes tile a worthy choice for special accent-wall treatments. Create virtually any look with porcelain, stone, glass and metal. Metal tiles, for example, offer stamped patterns and surfaces from subtle (aged patinas and matte finishes) to bold (textured or glossy treatments).

Looking up to wood

Hardwood flooring – or the budget-friendly options of laminate and luxury vinyl – offer you a wide palette of accent options and for high ceilings draw your eyes upward. You can lean into laminate for a wide variety of plank widths to add dimension and depth. Need an ultra-wide plank to complete your dream design? Laminate steps in where nature can’t.

Color your world thoughtfully

Be sure to think big when it comes to color. Distance changes the appearance of patterned materials, and ceilings have a longer line of sight than floors. Patterned tiles and flooring with wood grains carry a base color or undertone that’s noticeable at a distance. Ensure the undertone complements your overall décor and color scheme.

To see your choices in your actual space, take advantage of the Kermans Sample Trial and check out full-sized take-home swatches at no charge.

Installation sense

Flooring is designed to lay flat and stay underfoot. Be sure to factor in the weight of what you want to mount on a wall or ceiling. If you don’t, gravity will take over. Professional surface preparation and installation are musts!

Ready to look at flooring from an entirely new perspective? Talk with the pros at Kermans about everything from what you can put where to how you can put it there. Our design consultants specialize in helping you express your style wherever it takes you.

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