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Making hardwood floor trends work for you

Published: March 24, 2015

Hardwood flooring comes in such a wide variety – different species of wood (oak, maple, pine, cherry, teak…) and then within each species you also can choose shades of color – reds, browns, grays, blacks…

Every few years we notice that some species and shades of hardwood flooring rise above others. They become more popular and are featured in more design plans. What are those hardwood trends and how can you make them work in your home? Let’s look at some current hardwood floor trends and a few timeless classics.

Current hardwood floor trends

  • White or very pale wood. People looking to make a bold statement with their furnishings or art are looking more and more to pale wood as the base for their room. Whitewashed woods or very pale wood work well with both modern and eclectic decor. Pale wood also fits in well with a current big design trend: coastal. People looking to make their home feel like a beach cottage or bring that airy, outdoor feel inside prefer woods in shades of white. 
  • Shades of gray. You might like a lighter feel but aren’t interested in the bold statement a white wood floor can make. Consider gray-toned wood. Gray is a hot neutral right now. It lets you experiment with color in the furnishings of the room and matches every design style. Gray woods also do a nice job of highlighting the natural grain in the wood. They can lend a real natural, comfortable feel to a room. 
  • Dark, lusterous wood. This hardwood trend is literally the opposite of the first one we highlighted. Instead of going bold with the furniture – go bold with the floor. Dark, black, espresso stained woods are very popular floor options right now. They tend to work best with a more modern decor and play well with other trends we’ve noticed lately around metallic accents

Timeless classics

One thing is certain when it comes to hardwood: it never goes out of style. Whether you’re looking to make a trendy or timeless statement, hardwood is an excellent choice. Oak and maple hardwood floors in tones of browns and reds are true classics in any home. They work well in dens and great rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Want to be just a little trendy with your floor but stick with the clean neutral wood look? Look at varying plank widths or consider a floor with extra wide planks (8 inches or larger). Playing with the plank size is a great way to give your floor a current look even with its timeless beauty.

Hardwood floor is not something that is considered trendy. After all, it can be found in 100-year old houses! That’s just a testament to its beauty and longevity. If you want to bring those strengths into your home with just a little bit of current pop, make an appointment with one of our free designers to pick just the right hardwood floor for your home.

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