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Best carpet for busy homes

Published: March 26, 2015

One morning you sit down at the kitchen table with your cup of coffee and before you look at today’s schedule on your mobile, you glance at the living room. In the early morning light you notice a distinct worn path – straight from the kitchen to the stairs. No matter how often you vacuum, no matter how faithfully you have your carpets cleaned, when you have a busy house it is bound to show in your carpet after a few years.

You could look at hardwood or tile floors for that space. You know that they stand up well to wear and tear. But you really want carpet. Do you have a good choice that can stand up to a busy household? The answer here at Kermans is a resounding yes! Let’s look at some carpets that fit right into your steadily active life.

Carpet types

When it comes to how well carpet stands up to traffic, it’s all about the yarn treatment. Yarn density, twists and cut all affect how it handles wear and tear. We’ve selected three types of carpet that handle traffic well – from top to bottom, the top being the best choice for standing up to lots of use.

Looped carpet: All carpets start out with looped yarns. Looped carpets leave those loops uncut to create a surface that resists crushing. Berber carpet is a popular type of looped carpet made with thick, bulky yarns. The thicker the yarn – the better it holds up to footprints and dirt.

Textured: This carpet style cuts the loops of the carpet but includes yarns of varying thickness, texture and height to create an uneven surface that doesn’t show wear and tear quickly. These carpets have a more contemporary or casual feel to them but are excellent additions to any active home.

Cut pile: When you cut the loops of a woven carpet and let them stand free or loosely twisted, you have cut pile carpet. This is the most traditional type of carpet and the one that most people picture when thinking of carpet. The cut yarns give a softer feel but one that is more susceptible to matting from traffic. If you prefer the look of cut pile carpet, ask about the twist and density of the yarn. More twists and a higher density equal a carpet that will better withstand high traffic.

Let’s get more in depth with some Carpet Education

When you’re ready to replace that worn out carpet with something soft, comfortable and warm underfoot – turn to Kermans. You are sure to find a good match with our variety of selection and prices. Stop by our Indianapolis flooring store and ask to speak to one of our free design consultants about carpet for your busy home.

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