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Go trendy with area rugs

Published: April 2, 2015

Have you ever watched a home design show or read an article or looked on Pinterest and gotten the urge to do some redecorating? We know we have! Sometimes you want to do something new in your home decor but you don’t have the budget for a total redesign. Or maybe you like your great room or basement or bedroom but feel it needs a little updating. We have a great way to incorporate some current design trends in your home without breaking the bank: area rugs!

We’ve picked a handful of current design trends that we really like and think are easy to incorporate into your existing home design. Read on for some fun design inspiration. 

Hot home design trends for 2015

1. Add a touch of luxury: We’ve seen a lot of design trends leaning towards the idea of adding a bit of texture to a room. Something soft and luxurious underfoot can literally change the feel of a room. Area rugs are the perfect way to take advantage of this design trend. Look for a plush rug that matches your existing decor and you’ll make a big impact without a big expense.
2. It’s all about the blues: Blue is a hot color this year – especially deep, bold blues. People are often afraid to take advantage of a color trend because they can quickly seem dated. However, if you put that trend in a tasteful area rug – you’re able to add a bold statement that will look good for years to come. There are many shades of blues from deep navy blue to brighter cobalt. Our free design staff can help you find just the right shade that complements your home and updates it all at the same time. 
3. Create an international feel: This trend is made for area rugs. Accents from Asian and northern African countries – think Morocco, Egypt, Turkey – are popular design trends right now. Many beautiful area rugs come from this area of the world and their distinct designs and patterns are a beautiful addition to any home. 
Looking for more design trends? 
Keep tabs on our Pinterest board for trends and ideas for all areas of your house. 

Did you know?

Area rugs are known for their diversity and detailed designs. While this variety helps consumers find just the right style for their needs, it is actually based on ancient customs and traditions. Different villages and countries tended to produce distinctly different rugs. The unique designs became a hallmark of that region and have resulted in a tremendous selection of colors, styles and techniques today. Learn more about area rugs from our free online buyer’s guide.
Area rugs are an excellent way to bring in a new design trend and update a room or area of your home. Have you seen a design trend that you love but aren’t quite sure how to incorporate into your existing home decor? We’re up for the challenge! Make an appointment to meet with one of our free design consultants in our Indianapolis flooring store. They will help you find the perfect area rug that adds just the right design flair. 

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