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How to use an area rug in your bedroom

Published: January 24, 2017

A master bedroom that is a quiet sanctuary. A child’s bedroom that doubles as a playroom. A guest bedroom that is a welcoming oasis. All of these bedrooms can benefit from an area rug! No matter what type of floor you have already – hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl or even carpet – an area rug can add softness, color, and texture to make your bedroom the perfect space.

An area rug sets this bedroom sitting area apart.

Don’t hide the area rug under your bed.

Yes some “rules” of area rugs recommend placing all legs of furniture on the rug. And if your room is large enough you can certainly place a rug underneath the entire bed. But some rules are made to be broken. Your bedroom is likely dominated by your bed. You’ll get more out of your area rug if you place just the two legs at the foot of the bed on it. Or consider laying the rug next to the bed and not beneath it at all. This works especially well if you’re placing a small area rug along the side as more of a runner/place for your feet to land when you’re getting out of bed.

Extend the rug 12-18 inches out from your bed. 

Regardless of how much of the bed is on top of the rug, make sure there’s enough space for the rug to extend a good 12-18 inches beyond the bed. If you see less than 12 inches of the area rug on the sides and foot of your bed, it looks too small and can make the entire room look ill-proportioned.

This area rug adds style and texture to the bedroom.

Consider a small rug at the foot of your bed. 

A narrow rug can add just the right interest and balance to a bedroom at the foot of your bed. For the best proportions, make sure the rug is wider than your bed. We like this look best with none of the bed legs on the rug itself.

Add a rug to the sitting area.

Area rugs are a great way to break up spaces in a large room and bedrooms are no exception. If you have a sitting area or lounge in your bedroom, use an area rug to define that space and visually set it apart from your bed. If your sitting area is near a wall, remember to leave some space between the area rug and the wall – at least 12 inches. Depending on the proportions of the furniture you may decide to have all of the furniture completely on the rug or just half the legs, or even a mix. If it looks balanced, it’s the right size and layout.

Don’t trust your design sense when it comes to selecting the size, proportion and placement of your area rug? Stop by Kermans Flooring and ask our free design staff “how to use an area rug.” They’ll learn more about your home and guide you to just the right selection.

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