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Hardwood vs laminate wood flooring

Published: September 10, 2014

What is the best wood floor for your Indianapolis home?

You know you want a wood floor but didn’t know you’d run into so many options between hardwood floors, laminate wood floors or newer natural wood options like bamboo and cork. Just what are the pros and cons of these different types of wood floors? Which wood floor is best for your home? Let the experts at Kermans, a hardwood flooring store in Indianapolis, help you sort your options and make the best wood flooring choice.

Basic differences between hardwood and laminate wood

Hardwood: Traditional wood floors are made from solid hardwood. These floors shine with a natural beauty and are known for their durable, long lasting qualities. Today’s finishes help them last even longer and with basic maintenance your hardwood floor can last for decades. Popular types of hardwood floors are ash, cherry, maple, oak, and pine. Various finishes can give these wood floors different degrees of lustre and shade so you can always find just the right match for your home.

Don’t bypass new types of natural hardwood floors on the market including bamboo and cork. These floors are made from sustainable resources so they are more environmentally friendly and offer some unique characteristics of their own. Learn more about bamboo floors and cork floors.

Laminate: Laminate wood floors give homeowners the look of wood but at a lower price. Laminate floors are also easier to install and can be placed in spaces where a hardwood floor just won’t work. Another benefit of laminate wood is that it is moisture resistant. A wood floor can warp over time due to water damage or even humidity. This won’t happen with the laminate wood because it is made from different materials and topped with a hard, laminate wear layer.

Wait there’s one more type: Engineered Wood! Often tossed in with laminate, an engineered wood floor is actually a combination of natural hardwood and laminate materials. The key difference between this and laminate is that top wear layer. In an engineered wood floor, that layer is made from natural hardwood.

How do you choose the best hardwood floor?

You can certainly choose based on where you’re putting the floor. If you want wood in your kitchen or basement, you should take a good look at the laminate wood products. You won’t have the same moisture concerns here as you do with solid hardwood. If you’re looking to install wood floor on your main level – say an entryway and great room – you’ll want to look at solid hardwood. That floor will make an impact for decades to come.

Ultimately, however, you’re choosing based on preference. No matter which you choose, you’re going to be looking at this floor for years to come. Pick the type of wood that you like the best. The staff at Indianapolis hardwood store, Kermans, can send you home with samples so you can look at the floor next to your furniture and your walls. We also recommend looking at it in both natural light and at night under electric light. Live with it for a few days and then you’ll know which type of wood floor is best for your home.

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