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Four things to know before buying hardwood flooring

Published: July 13, 2017

Before you buy hardwood there are some things to consider that will help you find the best floor for your home, budget and lifestyle. There are many different styles of hardwood and within each style are even more selections. Your personal preference will certainly come into play but what practical reasons should also guide your decision? Check out these four tips before you buy hardwood flooring.

Woman relaxing in a sitting room with beautiful wood flooring

Which type of wood floor is best for me?

When you think of wood flooring, hardwood is likely the first thing that comes to mind. Today’s wood flooring goes far beyond hardwood however. Laminate wood flooring and wood-like flooring such as porcelain tile or waterproof composite offer alternatives with the look of hardwood but more versatility. They are often priced lower than traditional hardwood as well. There are plenty of benefits to solid hardwood flooring but don’t be afraid to explore your options.

Which wood species is the right one? 

The answer to this question changes for each person. For one a light oak with moderate grain showing through may be perfect. For another a dark espresso finish on walnut hardwood matches their decor perfectly. Still another may prefer to go with a porcelain tile floor with the appearance of wire-brushed gray wood. The choices are practically endless. All of our wood floor options come in a wide variety of shades, grains and styles. If you’re looking for wood flooring, you might have more to investigate than you realized!

What wood flooring should I pick for my busy household? 

Whether you have pets or kids running around every day or just like to entertain often, you need a wood floor that can stand up to a beating. You might think that wood flooring is a bad choice in this situation but that’s not true. Even traditional hardwood comes with different hardness ratings to help homeowners find the type that is best for their lifestyle. You can also take a harder look at porcelain tile or waterproof composite flooring – both are extremely durable and designed to handle whatever life dishes out.

Cheaper isn’t always better

If you have budget concerns you might have a tendency to go straight to the bottom line when shopping for flooring. However, wood floors are a perfect example of the saying that cheaper isn’t always better. Cheaper solid hardwoods have lower grades which brings knots and color variations to your floor. Cheaper alternative wood floors may have inferior filling or finishes that scratch more easily.

We encourage you to involve your local flooring experts into your decision and if budget is a concern, say so up front. A good flooring store will be able to steer you to wood floor options that are of good quality and that won’t break the bank. At Kermans Flooring we have been helping Central Indiana homeowners with decisions like this for decades. Stop by and start narrowing down your selection to the best wood floor for you.

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