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Wood flooring trends: colors and shades

Published: July 20, 2017

One of the benefits of hardwood floors is the natural beauty it brings to any room. That beauty shines through in different ways based on the grain of wood, finish and stain. Today’s homeowners are capitalizing on hardwood flooring trends to create floors that are unique and stand the test of time. What hardwood flooring styles should you be considering for your home?

Light gray wood floors are a very popular flooring trend

Popular hardwood color trends

Looking at today’s trends for hardwood floor colors is like looking at two opposites. Both very dark and very light are popular right now. Dark hardwood flooring takes a slight lead in popularity and many homeowners are installing beautiful ebony or dark walnut flooring. That dark color can come from the stain to make any style of wood floors dark. It can also come from the natural wood as is the case with dark walnut floors.

Light, natural finishes are also quite popular as they lend a crisp, lean look to the room and let the natural beauty of the wood shine through. Many dark finishes cover the wood grain quite a bit if not completely. Light wood floors, however, leverage the grain to create a beautiful flooring that is as unique as the trees from which it came.

Gray floors are a color that can’t be ignored. The demand for gray hardwood flooring – whether stained or whitewashed – is here to stay. This color trend is one that works just as well in modern, contemporary homes as it does in classic, country style homes.

Popular hardwood finish trends

The finish of a hardwood floor is what lends the final coat of shine. Shiny finishes used to be quite popular but as homeowners realized that shiny finishes tend to show every scratch and dent, they fell out of popularity. Today most homeowners are choosing satin finishes with gives a low sheen and nicely hides wear and tear. However, if you have a gray floor you may want to consider a matte finish to better play up that color choice.

Wire-brushed or textured wood floors
This isn’t a color or shade trend but it does affect the way the color and finish appear on your wood flooring. Textured wood floors subtly enhance the grain of the wood. It’s both stylish and practical because the texture also helps hide everyday wear and tear. Textured wood tends to look more vintage and works best with lighter colors and matte finishes.

Wood floor alternatives

Hardwood is a popular floor choice because of its natural beauty and timeless style. However, there are limitations on where some wood floors can be installed. Solid hardwood floors are more susceptible to the effects of moisture. Installation methods can also limit where a hardwood floor can be used. If you are considering hardwood for your basement or over concrete, you should look at engineered hardwoods, porcelain tile, resilient flooring or waterproof composite tile. Your Kermans design consultant can talk through hardwood’s limitations and benefits to help you determine which beautiful floor is the best choice for your home.

These flooring trends are popular and a great way to expand your idea of what a wood floor can look like in your home. Bottom line: pick the type of floor that’s best for you. It’s your home and your design preferences and whether it’s one of these looks or something completely different, if it fits your style it’s the best floor for you.

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