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Ideas for beautiful floor transitions

Published: July 6, 2017

Many families love the look and feel of an open floor plan. It can, however, be a challenge for flooring. Tile in the kitchen, carpet in the living room and wood in the entryway – how do you transition between them while still keeping individual spaces well-defined?

A mosaic tile border acts as a transition between two different types of tile

Three ideas for your transitional flooring

1. Create an accent border between floors: A border helps you mix two different floor types while also separating them. The border can be in the same material as one of the floors it is bridging but often it is in a completely different type of material to add an accent to the space. Thing glass tile mosaic between tile and hardwood or a hardwood transition between carpet and tile.

2. Use furniture to visually divide the space: This works especially well in the transition between a kitchen and dining area or between a kitchen and great room. A kitchen island or breakfast table can act as both a literal and visual bridge between two types of flooring.

3. Use a transition to break up a large expanse of flooring: If you have hardwood through the dining area and great room it can seem like a very large expanse of wood. Add a “mat” of tile—clever mosaic that plays off the colors of the room—to visually break up the wood and add a touch of style. Area rugs are also excellent ways to define spaces in a large expanse of the same type of flooring.

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Where you shop for flooring makes a difference

When shopping for new carpet or flooring—particularly for different types of flooring at the same time–many people assume that a “big box” store will offer more affordable options than a locally owned and operated business. However, shopping at a locally owned flooring store like Kermans in Indianapolis has all the varieties of flooring you need AND expert advice to help you find the best mix of floors and transition elements.

We call it the Kermans Advantage and it means that that our expert consultants offer unparalleled customer service and recommend just the right flooring selections based on your budget, type of foot traffic, and living space.

When you’re looking for flooring for an open floor plan, shop at a store that has expert guidance. Kermans has been central Indiana’s flooring store of choice for decades. Locally owned and operated, Kermans offers high-quality affordable flooring as well as high-end luxurious products, designs, and brands.

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