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Guide to choosing carpet color

Published: July 11, 2017

Many people opt for a neutral carpet color when choosing their carpets. That’s not a bad idea. After all, your carpet is going to be a large presence in your room for years to come. Choosing a neutral carpet lets you shift the design and tone of the room without having to replace the floors. But what if you want to add some color in your floor? Is there a way to do that without looking dated in the near future? The carpet experts at Indianapolis carpet store Kermans have some recommendations for current carpet color trends.

Sitting room with gorgeous light gray carpet

Think cool… cool colors that is

Choosing a color on the cool spectrum – blues, grays, greens and violets – is a great way to bring some style to your carpet without going too bold. A soft pearly blue or a dusky green lend a calming touch to a room while still acting as a neutral base that matches many different styles and designs. Grey-toned purples or silvery gray add a much different sense of style to a room than cream or beige. Consider colors in cool tones to play off accents in your design or add an undertone of color to a room without overwhelming the design.

Lighter cool colors are also great selections for larger rooms because they maintain the open feel that is natural to your floor plan. Darker colors tend to draw walls closer together for a cozier, more intimate space. Lighter colors open up a space.

Where should your color palette start?

Do you start the color scheme of your room with the furniture or the window coverings? The paint or the carpet? There is no wrong answer, however, you give yourself more flexibility if you start with the furniture or window coverings. Simply put, there are more choices when it comes to colors of carpet and paint. You don’t want to find a carpet you love and then have a hard time finding furniture that matches. You won’t have that issue if you start with the furniture and then match it to one of many shades of carpet.

Consider your lifestyle when you pick your carpet color

Very light carpets and very dark carpets all show dirt, debris and dust more than a mid-tone color. If you have a busy home with kids and pets, you’ll do best with a mid-tone carpet that hides stains and dirt. You might even want to consider a carpet with multiple colors in the yarns. Flecks of colors still give an overall impression of one color but the flecks help cover the normal wear and tear of a busy lifestyle and add a bit of personality to your carpet without being too bold.

Carpet color trends 

Color trends in carpet may come and go but a few practical guidelines like the above will help you pick a carpet that works well for years to come. Wondering what else you should consider when buying carpet? Download our free carpet buyer’s guide to learn more.

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