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For a more welcoming room, add an area rug

Published: December 26, 2017

The most inviting places in any home tend to be those where people want to gather. These are usually beautifully decorated rooms that are both intimate and welcoming. It’s easier to achieve this look in some rooms more than others.

area rug in outdoor space

Take great rooms, for example. In many modern homes, large open expanses provide an interior decorating challenge. When under-designed, they feel too cold. So, how can you transform a good room into a great living space? Employ an old decorator’s secret and add depth, warmth, and interest with an area rug.

Area rugs are a wonderful way to add a touch of color, soften up hard surface flooring, add a personal design touch, and define a space to make it more cozy and attractive.

In extra-large rooms, you can even double down on rugs and use multiples to build a feeling of closeness without walls or large pieces of furniture to restrict sight lines. That’s because area rugs used right will create distinctive-yet-friendly focal points.

Add style with a patterns

Among every different type of flooring, one trend stands out in 2018: patterns! The strategic use of a patterned area rug will make an eye-catching statement in any room.

Feeling bold? Consider mixing patterns like the pros do. Choose three or five patterns to make things work. One tip for making patterns go together? Vary the scale. Reluctant to try pattern mixing on your own? We’ve got you covered. Set up an appointment to talk with a Kermans design consultant for free advice.

Want something personalized? Kermans can make a custom area rug for you out of any carpet. Subtle or bold, neutral or bright—if you find a patterned carpet that you love, our craftsmen can make an area rug out of any carpet that you choose that will work perfectly in your space.

Mute annoying echoes

Not only will an area rug help visually anchor furniture in a large room with hard surface flooring, but it will also help absorb reverberating noise.

This can be especially helpful in larger dining rooms where guests may congregate for conversation. Add a versatile area rug to soften the echo without busting your budget.

Get more work done in your home office

While world-changing conversations between guests may not happen in a home office, life-changing business deals sometimes do. An inviting and comfortable home office makes it easier to get more work done.

Take Kermans customer and local Carmel mom Tatum H., for example. She recently bought a custom area rug for her den to turn her good home office into a great, warm space to get work done.

Turn your outdoor area into a three-season room

Most outdoor areas, or three-season rooms, use some type of hard surface flooring due to the potential for moisture damage. You can make that space more welcoming by incorporating an area rug in the sitting area. Area rugs can add the perfect touch of comfort that is needed to make a space feel warmer and more inviting.

Really, there isn’t any room in your home that couldn’t be made great with the right area rug. Bedroom and basements, even garages—okay, well, maybe not the garage—but, you get the picture. If you have a room that you want to make a great living space, consider an area rug.

Practical. Versatile. Beautiful. Area rugs are an excellent and affordable addition to any home. Need some help deciding just which area rug best meets your needs? Stop by our showroom in Indianapolis or schedule a free design consultation to get advice from one of our design consultants. Our team is available to discuss your specific needs and make recommendations that fit your lifestyle and budget.

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