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Creative neutral colors for carpet

Published: April 11, 2017

Traditionally if you wanted a neutral carpet you were looking at something in shades of beige. Today’s design options have opened up the notion of neutral carpet and given you far more choices. From patterned carpets to shades of color that are beautiful in their subtlety, if you want your carpet to act as a neutral base for your design you have more choices than ever before.

Pale green carpet acts as a beautiful neutral base in this sitting room

What is neutral carpet?

Just what does it mean to have a neutral carpet? Neutral carpet works well with any decor from traditional farm house to modern contemporary. Neutral carpet colors work well with almost any color combination because they don’t dominate the room – rather they blend in with furnishings and wall colors. With that definition in mind, the colors for neutral carpet really open far wider than shades of beige.

Creative neutral shades

  • Greens and blues: Light colors in this spectrum are cool colors that add a calming, restful feeling to a room. 
  • Earth tones: Browns of nearly any shade. Subtle golden, sandy colors. Variations on earthy colors will lend a sense of warmth to the room and give you a beautiful base for your home design. 
  • Grays: Gray carpet might be the most popular color of carpet in Indianapolis today. Just about any shade of gray will give you a stunning neutral floor – from pale gray to dusky charcoal. 

Subtle patterns can create a neutral carpet

Many carpets – particularly in the frieze or shag style – are available with flecks of color throughout the yarns. This subtle type of pattern allows you to select a common neutral while adding just a touch of color that will draw on the colors you use throughout your room. You might want to also consider a small repeating pattern that introduces two shades of the same color – still neutral but certainly a step up in visual appeal.

How to shop for just the right color carpet

Like the idea of being quietly creative with your carpet but not sure where to start? Let the flooring design experts at Indianapolis carpet store Kermans help you get started. We offer free design services to all of our customers. Bring in swatches from your drapes or a photo of the room and we’ll help point you to a carpet that brings new life to your space.

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