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Carpet Trends: texture and patterns

Published: April 20, 2017

Ready to buy new carpet but looking to do something new? Hoping to break out of the rut of boring neutral carpets and add a sense of style to your room from the ground up? Gather some flooring inspiration from today’s carpet trends. Patterned carpets and carpets with texture are all the rage – for both practical and pretty reasons.

The subtle texture and pattern in this carpet add a new sense of style to the room

The most popular types of carpet are typically loop pile or cut pile. These styles refer to the way the yarn is cut – or not cut – during manufacture. Both are soft underfoot and long lasting floor choices. They also lend themselves nicely to a wide range of design options.

All about patterned carpets

There are two basic ways to add a pattern to your carpet. For a more subtle pattern, look for patterns made from the same color yarns just cut to different lengths or styles. For a bolder approach, look for carpets that use different colors dyed into the yarns to introduce patterns in geometrics, florals or other natural designs.

Patterned carpets do more than add a sense of style to the room. They are also great at hiding wear and tear. Learn more about patterned carpet’s creative designs and styles.

All about textured carpets 

Textured carpets are all about the yarn. When the yarns are cut to different lengths and/or twisted they form a texture that you can feel and see. They also make interesting and beautiful carpets. You can often find carpets that combine elements of patterns and textures to create a distinctive look that can be subtle but impactful. Textured carpets work very well in both contemporary or traditional designs.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of textured carpets is their durability. Particularly with twisted or bent yarns, these carpets don’t show wear and tear as quickly as other carpets. Learn more about these durable, stylish carpets.

Looking for more flooring design trends? 
Check out our Houzz Project Boards for design tips and trends. 

Today’s carpets come in an almost dizzying area of choices. The carpet that works perfectly in your dining room may not be the best option for your family room. Carpet styles are influenced by traffic patterns; room use; style of furniture; anticipated wear and tear; and of course color and design. You’ll want to take all of these factors into consideration when you pick carpet for your home.

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