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Bring the look of nature to your flooring

Published: November 10, 2016

Natural hardwood flooring… stone tile… slate… marble… Nature gives us some beautiful flooring choices. Many people love the look of natural wood or stone floors but ultimately opt not to have them in their homes. Why? The drawbacks for these floors are often cost and installation requirements. Natural floors tend to be a little picky as to where they can be laid. Today, homeowners have a practical, affordable option to bring the look of nature to their flooring: luxury vinyl tile.

Luxury vinyl tiles look just like stone tiles in this bright, open space

What is luxury vinyl tile? 

Sometimes called resilient flooring or resilient vinyl tile, luxury vinyl is a floor made from vinyl but with a top layer that looks like stone, ceramic, wood or other natural flooring choices. These floors include natural color variations and surface texture that feel like the real thing. They also offer a high performance wear layer and are water resistant – or in some cases waterproof!

Luxury vinyl is comfortable underfoot, easy to care for, and looks incredibly like the natural floor it is designed to mimic. It can be installed in any room of the house. And it’s more affordable than natural hardwoods or stone floors. That’s a lot to like!

Luxury vinyl tile

Traditional vinyl is installed in sheets. Luxury vinyl designed to look like stone or ceramic is installed as tiles. Many options use grout between the vinyl tiles lending it even more of a realistic stone tile appearance. These vinyl tiles are designed with high-tech printing that adds depth of color and texture too.

Luxury vinyl planks

If you want the look of hardwood in your home – especially in a water-prone area such as the kitchen, bathroom or basement – check out luxury vinyl planks. This resilient flooring option is made in varying widths and lengths, just like real hardwood planks. The texture and rich colors will give you the lustrous wood-look you want but with a more practical and affordable flooring.  

Luxury vinyl flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular floors that we carry. Stop by our showroom and you’ll quickly learn why. We offer a wide range of luxury vinyl flooring options and our store is staffed with flooring design experts to answer your questions and help you find the perfect match for you home.

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