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Best floors for a kitchen remodel

Published: November 8, 2016

Kitchens are the center of most homes. You gather your family and friends there. You spend lots of time on your feet cooking & cleaning there. A kitchen floor takes plenty of traffic, wear and tear over the years. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen start with the floor – it’s a practical place to start. With these selections it can also be beautiful.

Patterned tile adds practical style to this kitchen

Hard surface flooring and kitchens: a perfect match

You have plenty of choices when it comes to flooring for your kitchen. The best choices are those in the hard surface category: ceramic tile, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl, hardwood, laminate wood. Hard surface flooring stands up to the wear and tear demands of a kitchen. It’s also easy to clean and handles spills easily. The best of these choices are the ones that bring water resistance to your kitchen. That brings us to tile flooring and luxury vinyl flooring.

Add design flair with luxury vinyl flooring

Indianapolis luxury vinyl store, Kermans, loves the new flooring products in this category. Resilient flooring or luxury vinyl – call it whatever you want, we call it practical, affordable and beautiful. Luxury vinyl floors have been made to have all the easy maintenance, underfoot-comfort that you would expect to see in a vinyl floor. The resemblance to traditional vinyl flooring stops there. These floors look so much like hardwood or natural stone that you might have to get down on your hands and knees to tell the difference. You won’t have a hard time telling the difference in your wallet or maintenance needs though. Bottom line, this is a fantastic floor choice for a remodeled kitchen.

Tile, the longtime favorite kitchen flooring

Tile has long been a staple when it comes to kitchen flooring. Extremely durable, stain resistant, water resistant — life resistant — tile is the most practical floor choice for a kitchen. Indianapolis tile store, Kermans, often recommends tile flooring for kitchens because of these practical characteristics. Today we’re happy to also offer tile flooring as a choice for people looking to add some design and style to their kitchen.

Tile manufacturers now offer ceramic tile in a stunning array of sizes and colors. Now homeowners have the ability to include patterns, mosaics, and other styles both bold and subtle with ceramic tile flooring.

Porcelain tile is growing in popularity because if its ability to so closely mimic hardwood and other more expensive natural stones.

Whether you choose tile or luxury vinyl or something completely different, Kermans has you covered! Our Indianapolis flooring store has offered homeowners the best selection of flooring for decades. Our family looks forward to helping you with your next flooring project. Visit our Castleton showroom to get started.

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