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Get the look of marble floors at a fraction of the price

Published: November 3, 2016
Is it marble or is it porcelain? It's hard to tell the difference with this beautiful floor.

Love the look of marble floors but not the price? Get all the benefits of marble tile – including the appearance – with porcelain tile floors. Indianapolis tile flooring store, Kermans, carries the top porcelain tile brands with free design advice to help you find the perfect floor.

Porcelain is denser, more porous, and harder than marble tile thus offering greater stain and water resistance. Stronger than granite and resistant to staining, porcelain is also easy to clean and offers superior wear resistance. Porcelain tile comes in two basic varieties:

Through-bodied: Color and texture run all the way through making it easy to hid scratches or chips.

Glazed: In this instance the tile is completely covered in a top layer that is often colored. This version offers the widest range of color and design options.

Why porcelain over marble?

If you can’t find good quality marble tile – and it is getting hard to find – you run the risk of tile that will change over time because of the high amount of veining in the marble. Iron is often buried deep within the tile and can rise to the surface after repeated exposure to water and moisture, marring the look of your tile. Marble is also a naturally soft material and can easily stain over time or be damaged by certain cleaning products.

Porcelain is more consistent in quality and appearance. Porcelain is easy to maintain and it handles moisture, spills and stains with ease. On top of all that practicality – porcelain tile looks so much like marble, you may never know the difference.

Learn more about porcelain tile.

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