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Flooring choices for small spaces

Published: December 1, 2016

Choosing flooring for a small room – a den, small bedroom, sewing room – can be a challenge. If you pick the wrong floor you could overwhelm the space. If the room feels small or dark you’ll need to carefully select a floor that helps open the space. On the flip side, because it is a small space, you have the option to get a little creative since the cost will be lower.

Wide planks and an offset area rug make this small space feel more open.

When it comes to flooring a small room, Indianapolis flooring store Kermans has a few pieces of advice.

The right flooring can open up a small space. 

Hardwood or luxury vinyl plank flooring can make a big impact in a small room. Choose wide planks – 3 inches or wider for your flooring. Narrow planks have more seams which can create a busy pattern that makes a space feel confining. Wider planks have fewer seams so they open the space and make it feel larger. Lay those planks parallel to the longest wall and you’ll visually open the room even further.

Don’t shy away from dark flooring.

If you fall in love with walnut hardwood or deep purple carpet, don’t despair. Dark flooring can work well even in a small space. Choose a cool shade of paint for the walls and trim that matches the floor. Add some crown molding to draw the eye up and you’ve got a small room with a dark floor that feels expansive.

Go cozy.

If your small room is a reading nook or bedroom you should embrace the smallness. Maybe even accentuate it with plush, cozy flooring. Fill the room with softness and the small size doesn’t feel confining – it feels comfortable.

It’s worth taking the time to carefully consider the use of the room alongside your personal preferences. Doing that along with a few decorating tricks can make your small room feel just right.

Want some help with a flooring challenge? One of the advantages of shopping with Kermans is our free, expert design assistance. We are small enough to offer an exceptional level of customer service but large enough to have one of the best selections of flooring in Indianapolis. Stop by our showroom and we’ll help you get started on your flooring project.

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