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Best floors for large rooms

Published: December 16, 2014

Many floor plans have large open spaces – a “great room” or a kitchen that flows into the living room that flows into the den. These open floor plans are more social, help parents keep an eye on the kids, often allow more natural light into the home and can really help you maximize your living space. They can also be a challenge when it comes to flooring. The floor that you want for your kitchen may not be the floor you’d pick for your living room. So how do you pick floor coverings that work well in open spaces? Read on for tips from Indianapolis flooring store, Kermans.

Hardwood is a great fit for your open spaces.

Today’s finishes and varieties of hardwood make it just about the perfect flooring for open floor plans. You can use the same wood floor throughout all areas of the house and use area rugs to break up the room and separate key living areas. Hardwood also serves as a somewhat neutral palette – adding a touch of warmth without overwhelming your design. In a large open area, you likely have colors that work well together. It is easy to find a shade of wood that works well across the entire space. Area rugs can help add color and texture as needed.

Mix and match two floor types.

What if you really want tile in your kitchen and carpet in your living room? Totally doable! The design experts at Kermans can help you pick tile and carpet that go well together. This gives you both functionality and flexibility. Depending on your space, you might also want to consider a creative transition from one flooring type to the next. See our recent blog on Floor Transitions for some fun ideas!

Bottom line: flooring for your large open space doesn’t have to be a challenge. 
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Indianapolis flooring store, Kermans, is ready to help with your flooring challenges whether it’s picking out carpet and tile for your great room or hardwood for the entire main level. Stop by our Castleton-area showroom – you’ll find something for every lifestyle and budget at Kermans.

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