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Advice on stairway floors

Published: December 11, 2014

Kermans Flooring knows that stairways can be one of the most challenging areas of a house for flooring.

  • Do you match the floor at the bottom of the stairs or the top? 
  • Do you do something completely different? 
  • Can you have hardwood on your stairway or do you need to stay with carpet? 

While some of these questions are answered by your lifestyle, we do have a few tips and ideas to share.

If you have hardwood in your entry way or living room, it makes sense to continue the hardwood flooring up the stairs of your home. However, you might be concerned about falling down the stairs on a slippery wood floor. We recommend using a stairway runner to keep the look of the hardwood but with a safer walking surface.

You can pick area rugs for a stairway runner or go with a carpet from another area of your house to tie design together. Indianapolis carpet store Kermans can help you select just the right combination of wood floor and carpet for your lifestyle.

In most Indianapolis homes, carpet is the best choice for a stairway. It is easier to walk on without slipping and more comfortable underfoot. If you opt to have your stairs completely carpeted, our expert installers can do that while they carpet your living room or other area near the staircase.

If you want the feel of carpet underfoot, but a cleaner look to your stairway. Consider using tile or hardwood on the riser and carpet on the tops. It’s a clean look that adds a bit more practicality for many homes.

Looking for more stairway floor ideas? Check out our Pinterest board with Stairway Flooring Trends.

Kermans is one of the best Indianapolis flooring stores because we help you stay on top of trends and fit those trends into your home and lifestyle. Our design experts have lots of great ideas for your stairway floor – and any other area of your home. Stop by our carpet store to learn more about stairway flooring options. You’ll find something for every lifestyle and budget at Kermans Flooring. 

Kermans Flooring is located in Indianapolis, Indiana — we invite you to stop by our showroom.

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