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Trends in tile: all about the patterns

Published: December 18, 2014

Tile has long been the top choice for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s easy to clean and water-resistant – two big pluses in those rooms. From a design standpoint, tile remains popular because of its huge variety: from colorful glass tiles to shiny subway tiles; from polished brass tiles to large slate tiles, tile has a lot to offer homeowners beyond its practicality.

We’ve talked before about how tile is making more and more appearances in beautiful backsplashes and walls. But let’s talk about some of the unique things we’re seeing with tile on the floor.

Creating patterns with your tile

Ceramic, glass, stone, metal – no matter which type of tile you choose, you can choose to install it in a creative pattern. Use different shades for a subtle look or consider using small tiles in a pattern that mimics large tiles but with a fun twist on closer inspection. For example, repeating patterns of small hexagon tiles that create a large design make a beautiful floor. You can also use different size tiles to create a mosaic in the center of your floor or wall for a more bold statement. There are even edge tiles designed with patterns to help you create a border, separate an area of the room or just add a special touch.

Sometimes a pattern can even be as simple as using dark grout with your light tile to highlight the shape of your tile. This looks especially nice when you pick a tile with a unique shape – or as seen in this example different shapes. (Bonus: the dark grout hides dirt better too.)

Tile with patterns built in

We’re seeing more and more tile options that use textures to create patterns. Even basic white tile can take on a whole new look when textures are added in. Of course nothing has more texture than naturally beautiful stone tile. Consider slate or marble for their natural shades and variations. We’ve been finding some great looks in tile and posting them on our Pinterest board. Take a look and see some of the examples we’ve mentioned here plus a whole lot more.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these HGTV videos about hip bathroom tile trends.  Did you know Kermans is the Indianapolis-area HGTV certified retailer? Stop by our Indianapolis showroom and shop our wide variety of HGTV Flooring by Shaw products.

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