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4 Reasons to Put Carpet in Its Place – Outside the Bathroom

Published: July 21, 2022

When carpet emerged as a symbol of luxury in the 1950’s, many homeowners overdid it by going wall-to-wall in every room – – including the bathroom. It’s made periodic comebacks as a bathroom option over the years, but we encourage homeowners to keep carpet outside the bathroom.

Carpet absorbs

For starters, carpet fibers are absorbent. Spill nail polish, toilet bowl cleaner or personal care products, and you will have a permanent stain.


Water is vital to your bathroom routine. Toilet flushes, hot steamy showers, and the flow from your faucets inevitably combine a bathroom carpet with water. The combination is a haven for respiratory health hazards like mold and mildew.

Spot that leak

Carpet can obscure water leaks that alert homeowners to basic bathroom maintenance. By the time you discover what’s happened, a simple drip can cascade into damage to your subfloors, existing floor covering and lower-level ceilings. Plus, the original easy repair you missed can accelerate to a more costly fix.

Off the market

If these drawbacks don’t dampen your enthusiasm, remember that a carpeted bathroom turns away potential home buyers. Given a choice between two comparable houses, buyers opt for tile, stone, luxury vinyl or laminate.

Solutions to keep your feet happy

Whether you lean toward a custom area rug that can be cleaned regularly or invest in a heated floor to keep your feet warm, our expert design consultants work closely with you. They get to know you and your lifestyle to find bathroom flooring options that suit your needs, health, and comfort. Schedule an in-person consultation and find exactly the right choice for your bathroom floor.

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