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2015 design trends for home flooring

Published: December 30, 2014

When you’re thinking of updating the design in your home, start from the bottom up. Carpet, hardwood, tile and area rugs are literally the foundation of a new look for your home. You could get a new look with some relatively small changes – new area rugs for example. Or you could install all new flooring in your great room to bring in a completely different look and feel. Whether one room or an entire area of your home – if you’re considering updating your home design, consider some of these hot color trends.

Rich, varied blues

Blues in all the shades of the ocean or sky are very popular this year. Blues and greens are also on trend. These colors lend a beautiful natural feel to a room. If you’re using a rich blue on the walls, consider a lighter carpet to play off the bold color – grays, whites or even pale pinks work nicely. Blue also makes a beautiful carpet as seen in the example below. Or look for an area rug that has a blue and green or blue and gray pattern to enhance your room.

Deep muddy hues

Copper, olive, pea green, mocha… all play well into today’s natural, organic looks. They are warm without being bright. These colors can be put together in a wide variety of palettes and are a great way to tie together rooms in a large space – such as a kitchen, great room and foyer. In the right shade, these muddy hues can also behave as a neutral backdrop to showcase signature color – think olive with red as seen in this example.

Gray as the new neutral

Well not so new actually – we’ve seen gray emerge over the past year or two as a popular backdrop in many homes. Everything from soft gray to a dark charcoal can be the base for a variety of color palettes. Carpet, distressed wood, area rugs and tile all come in grays. Gray is a favorite neutral because it really makes a signature color pop.

Mixing patterns and textures

Today’s carpets and area rugs lend themselves nicely to this trend. Textures and patterns can be literally woven into your flooring. It raises your rug from something just underfoot to the star of your room decor. You can bring patterns into your floor with a simple textured design that creates a pattern or a pattern that is woven into the carpet with different color yarns.

It’s all about the pairings. The trends we’re seeing in home decor are all about picking one color trend and pairing it with an accent color. It’s a nice way to take advantage of a trend while still keeping the majority of your decor in a fairly neutral state. That’s friendly to your budget and your sense of style.

HGTV Flooring trends

Kermans is the Indianapolis authorized retailer for HGTV Home Flooring by Shaw. HGTV is an excellent resource for how to make current trends work in your home. Check out their photo gallery of Eight Flooring Trends to Try for some design inspiration. See something you like? Kermans Flooring store can get it for you!

Ready to talk design and color for your flooring? Stop by Kermans Flooring on the northside of Indianapolis. We carry a wide variety of carpet, hardwood, area rugs, and tile. Trendy or classic – ask our design staff to help you come up with a color palette that fits your style and budget.

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