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What you need to know about carpet cleaning

Published: January 7, 2015

When you install carpet in your home, it’s an investment. As with any investment, you want to make sure you get the most from it. So how do you extend the longevity of your carpet and keep it looking its best? The most important thing you can do is vacuum regularly. It helps the fibers stay fresh and fluffy and prevents loose dirt from being ground into the carpet over time.

However, there’s more to taking care of carpet than just vacuuming. All carpet manufacturers recommend regularly scheduled, professional carpet cleaning. How often? Why does it matter? Why professional instead of do-it-yourself? Read on for the answers.

How often should you have your carpets cleaned?

Most manufacturers recommend that carpet be cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending on the amount of activity. Basically, you should have it cleaned as often as necessary to prevent obviously visible soiling.

Why should you clean your carpets?

You should always clean spots and spills as soon as they happen. (Read our article on tips for cleaning spills.) But there’s more to carpet maintenance than that.

Even with regular vacuuming and taking care of spills, your carpet still needs deep cleaning to look and feel its best. Soil from cooking vapors, air pollution and dirt tracked in from outside present different problems and can cause fiber damage. Dirt build-up can also cause the pile to become matted and dull the color of your carpet. Simply put, over time, dirt adds up and destroys your carpet.

You should also regularly have your carpets deep cleaned for health reasons. Carpets act as filters and soak up pollutants, soil and germs carried in on your shoes. Over time those build up. Do you ever sit on the floor? Do your children play on the carpet? The build up of dirt and germs can be very unhealthy.

Why should you have them professionally cleaned instead of doing it yourself?

Yes, it’s easy to buy or rent a do-it-yourself extractor or “steam cleaner” for your carpet. These machines are effective at cleaning spots and spills but they are really designed for interim cleaning. They are a stop-gap to help keep up the appearance of your carpet between deep cleanings. Only professionally done deep cleaning will remove the soil residue and pollutants that are ground into your carpet. The Carpet & Rug Institute “strongly recommends getting your carpet professionally cleaned by an SOA-certified service provider. These companies use SOA-approved equipment and products in order to assure their customers their carpet is being serviced with the best products. It is also the most effective way to maintain your warranty, as many carpet manufacturers recommend SOA products in their residential warranties.” Learn more about professional carpet cleaning and their seal of approval. 

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for carpet cleaning. 

There are different methods of cleaning carpets.  Make sure you’re using the manufacturer recommended method for your carpet. The Carpet & Rug Institute has a list of accepted cleaning methods for each manufacturer. 

Kermans Flooring store in Indianapolis wants to help you select the best carpet for your lifestyle and help you keep that carpet in its best condition. When you shop for carpet, ask questions about maintenance and cleaning. We’ll be happy to discuss how you can make the best investment in carpet for today and tomorrow. We carry top manufacturers in a variety of styles and colors. Stop by our Indianapolis carpet store to learn more. 

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