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Where to go for flooring inspiration

Published: July 19, 2018

When starting a new home renovation project, gathering inspiration for your flooring upgrade should be two things: fun and limitless. During the brainstorming phase of your remodeling project, make it your goal is to figure out what you like and what you don’t like.

Good ideas for new floors might come from many different sources, but if you’re unsure where to start looking for inspiration, here’s is a rundown of some of the best sources out there plus some tips on how to choose the right flooring for your home and your design style.


If you don’t have an account already, registration is quick and free. If you already have a Pinterest account, finding flooring examples is as easy as doing a simple search.

Type in the specific type of flooring you’re interested in by format—e.g., “resilient flooring basement” or “kitchen tile”—or go more broadly and start with the basics by just searching for “flooring.” To add a steady flow of ideas to your default stream, consider following boards run by flooring makers (like Mohawk Flooring), accounts of home decor influencers (like The Jungalow’s Justina Blakeney), or even channels run by your favorite interior design magazine (like Elle Decor).

Whatever method you choose to browse for ideas, Pinterest can be a great resource for new flooring inspiration.

On Pinterest, in addition to searching for inspiration, you can create boards where you can save all of the ideas you want to keep by “pinning”—or saving—them in your own collections. Consider organizing your Pinterest boards by room type , such as “Bathroom Flooring” and “Kitchen Flooring”, if you are working on new flooring projects for different parts of your house, or by flooring type if you’re not yet sure what kind of floors would fit your lifestyle and budget.


In a lot of ways, Houzz is much like Pinterest. Its archives feature a robust collection of photos that you can sort and save however you like. Unlike Pinterest, however, its focus is entirely on the home—no recipes here! As an added bonus, with Houzz you can browse galleries of images with links to actual products, simplifying the process of identifying (and purchasing) new flooring.

One of Houzz’s best features is that you can filter flooring inspiration photos by room. Looking for the perfect area rug for your home office? You’ll find hundreds of ideas just for that. You can even search by your preferred design style, whether it’s traditional, farmhouse, eclectic, or something else entirely.


Instagram, the popular social media platform centered on sharing images, is a great place to find home design inspiration, too. Search the platform for #flooring or #flooringideas to find flooring and design-specific photos. If you find an account that inspires you, give them a follow.

One Instagram account that loves flooring almost as much as we do is called I Have This Thing With Floors. Their colorful flooring photos from across the world can be a wonderful source of inspiration.

Armstrong Flooring

If you think you know what type of flooring you want, but can’t quite visualize how it might look in your space, check out Armstrong Flooring’s helpful design a room tool. Upload a photo of your room or use their provided example photo, and see what the room looks like with different types and colors of flooring.

This free visualization tool is simple to use and helps take the guesswork out of choosing what type of flooring might look best in your space.
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Kermans Flooring

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Ready for in-person help? Did you know that Kermans offers complimentary design consultations? Bring in your own inspiration or let us help you find it.

Did you find a picture of flooring you love in a magazine? Bring it into the store. Even if you don’t have source information, we can help you match the look’s color, style, and material.

At Kermans, we can help you find ideas—but even better, we’ll help you put those ideas into practice for your home, budget, and lifestyle.

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