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2018 trends: flooring transitions between rooms

Published: August 16, 2018

We’re often asked, “Should you have the same flooring throughout your house?”

It’s rare that a home has the same flooring throughout. Most often, homeowners have a mix of different types of flooring: tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, carpet in the bedrooms, or hardwood in the living room. With more than one type of flooring, there’s always a point where those flooring types touch, whether it is a threshold or something bigger.

What can you do to transition between types of flooring? The options are endless. Here are some ideas that our team of design consultants pulled together to help you find a flooring transition solution that works with your floors, design preferences, and lifestyle. Keep reading for a roundup of all the latest flooring transition inspiration and trends.

flooring transition from living room to kitchen

Why do I need to think about flooring transitions?

If you’re getting started on a flooring renovation project, you might need to think about options for flooring transitions if:

  • You aren’t redoing all of the floors in your house
  • You have an open-concept floor plan and you don’t want the rooms blend together
  • You’re getting hard surface flooring, but want to have carpet in bedrooms
  • You have hardwood, but want something waterproof for entryways or bathrooms

What types of transitions are available?

A transition occurs between two types of flooring (or more) that aren’t the same. The most common kinds of transitions happen:

  • Between two types of flooring, like carpet and hardwood
  • Between two different kinds of the same flooring, like two types of hardwood
  • Between stairs, steps, and main level flooring

We’ve pulled together some of the most creative options for transitioning between rooms with different flooring. These trends are popular right now, and the overarching message of all these latest flooring transition options? Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your flooring.

Go geometric

Perfect for modern, clean design styles is the geometric flooring transition. Hexagon tiles are especially trendy right now, and you can use them for transitions in every room, from the entryway to the bathroom.

geometric flooring transition inspiration

Add intricate details

A great option for flooring transitions at thresholds is to add intricate details and textures. Use a completely different material, like tile or brass, to create a statement with your floors.

detailed flooring transition inspiration

Play with patterns

This flooring type transition can be done with flooring that comes in tiles or planks. It’s a great way to create definition between two rooms with the same flooring. For example, consider installing wood planks in contrasting directions or blending the flooring types in a scatter effect.

patterned flooring transition inspiration

Keep it simple

Simple doesn’t have to be boring. Sometimes a clean flooring transition with sleek detailing is all your floors need to really define your space.

simple flooring transition inspiration

For even more flooring inspiration, follow our Pinterest board or check out our resources at design inspiration partner, Houzz.

And, when in doubt, ask one of our design consultants for expert help when deciding which flooring transition option will work best in your home. We’ll combine our interior design expertise with your style, budget, and needs to develop a creative flooring transition solution for your house.

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