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Where does tile make sense in your Indiana home?

Published: June 7, 2012

When you consider new flooring, the choices can seem overwhelming. Carpet? Hardwood? Tile? What’s a homeowner to do? Pick the floor that’s the best fit for your room and lifestyle. Most homes in the Indianapolis area end up with a mix of floor coverings. After all, each room of your home has different uses and the carpet that makes your bedroom so inviting, makes your kitchen a nightmare to clean up. Today, let’s talk a bit about tile.

Where does tile makes the most sense? 
  • Kitchens & bathrooms: Tile is most often used in kitchens and bathrooms where spills and water are common. A tile floor makes clean up a snap. 
  • Entryway: Tile comes in so many colors, patterns and textures that many homeowners are using it to make a statement right at the front door.
  • High traffic areas: One of the biggest benefits to tile is that it won’t show wear patterns like carpet does. Consider tile for hallways or to create walkways in other areas of your home.
  • Don’t forget to look up: Tile also makes sense on bathroom walls, showers and backsplashes – all places where easy-to-clean and long-lasting tile can make a nice statement.
What types of tile should I consider?
Selecting tile involves a lot more than picking the right color. You need to consider size of the tile, texture vs smooth, and the many types of tile to choose from. Ceramics, glass, metals, stones… all are popular types of tile seen in homes throughout Central Indiana. Check out the variety of tile at Kermans and then stop by our showroom to get a closer look at the options within each variety.
Pulling it all together.
Worried that the different floor coverings in your home won’t go together? Let the design staff at Kermans help. We have such a wide variety of colors and styles – not just in tile but also in hardwood, area rugs and carpet – that we’ll make sure your home is both beautiful and practical.
Tile Buyer’s Guide.
Now that you’re thinking about all the wonderful places you can use tile – check out our Tile Buyer’s Guide to learn more about tile, the questions to ask and the options you have. Then stop by our showroom with questions in hand, we are ready and waiting to help you find just the right flooring for your home and budget.

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