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What to expect during the installation of new tile

Published: July 18, 2019

Installing new tile is always a big project, no matter the size of your room.

That’s because the work of cutting and laying down tile requires special skills and tools if you want to get results that look good—and last.

An estimator will help you get your room’s dimensions, your flooring design consultant will help you create the perfect new space, and professional tile installers will put your new durable tile floors into homes.

The process of installing new tile in your home involves several steps

Professional tile installers are the ones who will help you identify and resolve any of the different types of problems that sometimes creep up during the tile installation process. Their expertise and experience are especially valuable for larger tile flooring projects, like kitchens, and in rooms that are irregularly-sized, like bathrooms.

Though every installation is unique, the basic steps involved in the process are nearly the same from project to project. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect during the installation of new tile.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you can install your new tile, you have to prepare your room. Part of this involves removing and disposing of your old tile or flooring, which can be a slow, messy process. This is also when you should check your subfloor for potential problems »


For precise tile installation, you need to start with a clean subfloor that is as sturdy and level as possible. Your subfloor needs to be able to support the weight of your new tile flooring, and it should have an underlayment.

This initial stage of preparing your subfloor is a good time to use samples of your new tile to check doorjambs for clearance. You should also examine flooring heights with connecting rooms and decide on how you want to handle the transition from tile to another type of flooring or tile.

Step 2: Installation

When you or your contractor has prepared your subfloor and your new tile flooring has come in from the manufacturer, it’s time for installation! Explore our ideas for beautiful floor transitions »

Once the subfloor is ready-to-go and prepped, professional flooring installers will spread mortar to set your tile in place and attach them to the subfloor. Then, once the mortar has cured, the installers will add grout between each tile to create a water-tight seal and fill the spaces. Learn what you need to know to pick the perfect color of grout »

Now that every tile has been cut and installed, it’s almost time to start using your floors.

Step 3: Drying

After the professional flooring installers finish, the next step is to wait. Wait to walk on your new flooring for at least the first 48 hours* to give the tiles time to cure. Also, keep the area moisture-free to give your beautiful new tile floors enough time for the adhesive to harden and the grout to dry completely.

If you’ve chosen to add a sealant to your tile floors for extra protection, this is an extra step that adds more time to the curing process.

*Ask your team of professional flooring installers for information about the drying timeline recommended by the manufacturer recommends.

Find the perfect type of tile flooring for your project

If you have more questions about choosing and installing tile in your home, take the time to chat with a flooring design professional.

The best flooring experts, like the knowledgeable team of consultants at Kermans, have the experience to make sure you choose new tile flooring that not only matches your preferred style but also meets your day-to-day durability needs.

Set a time to meet one-on-one for no pressure, personalized advice. Let’s talk.

Meet with a designer at Kermans »

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