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The best wood look flooring options in 2019

Published: February 21, 2019

Who doesn’t love the look of hardwood floors? A perennial favorite among homeowners, hardwood is sturdy, gorgeous, and never goes out of style.

Many people opt for this timeless choice for their remodeling projects, but hardwood floors aren’t always the best choice for those who need a flooring product that’s waterproof, durable in high-traffic areas, or easy to care for.

hardwood look porcelain and luxury vinyl that looks like wood are great waterproof flooring options for bathrooms

Thanks to advances in modern residential flooring, today everyone can get wood look flooring in their home, no matter what their project needs. The best alternatives to hardwood floors tend to do such a good job replicating actual hardwood floors that many people mistake them for the real thing.
Wood look-alike tile flooring and vinyl that looks like wood flooring both come in a wide selection of stylish colors, amazingly real textures, and wood grains that can coordinate with any interior design style.

Waterproof flooring for moisture-prone locations

Traditionally, hardwood was out as an option if you were choosing new flooring for rooms that get wet, but today—if you want wood look floors in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, mudroom or basement—you have choices.

Wood grain porcelain tile, as well as luxury vinyl tiles and planks, are two solid choices for wood look flooring that mimics hardwood. These options won’t buckle or swell when exposed to moisture and water, and —unlike traditional hardwood floors—most of these hardwood look-alike flooring options are waterproof (or highly water resistant).

Durable flooring for high-traffic areas

No flooring product is 100% damage-proof, but some types are better than others for preventing scratches and minor damage.

In bustling homes where kids are always dropping toys or pets are continually darting from room to room, you can get durability and the classic look of hardwood floors when you choose tough products, like wood grain porcelain tile and luxury vinyl tiles and planks.

As with any type of flooring, you can help extend the life of your floors (and add a little more protection) by covering any busier spots in your home with area rugs.

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Whatever your reason for needing flooring that can hold up to a lot of activity and non-stop foot traffic, high-quality hardwood look-alike flooring selections are your best bet for getting the wood look you love with the resilience your lifestyle demands.

Low maintenance flooring for no hassle up-keep

Hardwood floors aren’t hard to clean, but—as a more delicate type of flooring—they do require a more consistent cleaning commitment (and occasional elbow grease) to protect your investment and keep them gleaming and looking like new.

On the other hand, wood grain porcelain tile and luxury vinyl tiles and planks—depending on the performance level you choose—can make an ideal choice if you’re interested in recreating the look of hardwood with flooring that’s easy to keep clean. To keep them looking good, just wipe up spills quickly and regularly sweep and mop.

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