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Trendy tile backsplashes

Published: January 9, 2015

One of the hottest trends in tile right now isn’t on the floor – it’s on the walls. Whether a kitchen backsplash, a bathroom wall, or a wall mosaic, tile is popping up all over Indianapolis homes. Glass tile. Patterned tiles. Metal tiles. Small tiles set in patterns for a big impact. There’s a good reason why we’ve expanded our tile offerings in recent years. Colors, materials, size… there are so many ways for tile to make a design impact in your home. Let’s look at our top request for creative tile use: backsplashes.

Tile kitchen backsplashes

Tile was first used as a backsplash in kitchens because it is easy to clean and stain & water resistant. All good qualities for a wall that is in a messy area of the house. However, with today’s styles and materials – the tile backsplash has been elevated to a design feature. Kitchens are notoriously expensive to update but adding a tile backsplash can change the whole look of your kitchen for a much lower cost. Check out these fun “splashy” kitchen backsplash ideas from HGTV.

Tile in your bathroom

Bathrooms are one spot in your home where there’s no such thing as too much tile. Its easy cleaning and water resistant qualities make tile the perfect bathroom floor… or wall… or backsplash… or shower wall… The possibilities here are practically endless. Glass tile is very popular with Indianapolis homeowners as a backsplash wall behind the sink or as shower walls. Glass tiles come in a variety of colors and sizes from a small mosaic pattern to larger subway tiles. You can also combine tiles of different materials for a unique look: ceramic tile with a glass tile mosaic border for example. Check out our Pinterest board for some bathroom tile trend inspiration.

Top tile trends for any room

No matter where you’re considering tile, the top trend in tile design is all about texture. Shiny glass. Hammered metal. Shimmering metallic patterns. The texture of your tile brings a whole new design element to a room. Some trends to consider whether you’re adding tile to a new home or renovating an existing one:

  • sculptured tile used in wall mosaics
  • monochromatic patterned tile lends a subtle style to a wall or backsplash
  • three-dimensional tile that reflects and refracts light in a whole new way
  • subway tiles – a fairly classic tile type – are also making a huge comeback this year in a variety of sizes

Our design staff is excited about all the possibilities that tile brings to a project. Ready to add tile to your home? Stop by Indianapolis tile store Kermans and talk to our designers. Look at the tile samples in our showroom. We can help you think outside the box and inside your budget.

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