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Trend alert: white floors

Published: June 18, 2015

White floors are one of those design trends that some people love but just don’t know how to make work. Aren’t they hard to clean? Won’t they show wear and tear too easily? While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend you put white plush carpet in a busy hallway, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate the beautiful, crisp look of a white floor in your home. White tile, wood floors, or carpet are a beautiful trend and Indianapolis flooring store Kermans knows just how to make it fit in your home.

Adding a white floor with tile

Perhaps the easiest – and most common – rooms to incorporate a white floor are the bathroom and kitchen. White floors really open up these spaces. Plus, tile is a natural winner of best flooring in a kitchen or bathroom and it’s easy to find lots of choices for white tile. Our design staff notes that here in Indianapolis, white subway tiles are making a big comeback. They look good on the floor or the wall, are easy to clean and bring that high gloss, sparkling white finish that many are seeking in a white floor.

Tile also takes away one of the biggest concerns with a white floor: stains and spills. Tile maintenance is as simple as wiping and mopping. You’ll want to seal the grout to keep things looking bright and clean but the tile itself is practically impervious to stains. Learn more about tile from Indianapolis tile store, Kermans.

White carpet, the ultimate luxury

Does anything say luxurious and comfortable like a plush white carpet? Placed in the right space, white carpet both brightens a room and makes it feel cozy. White carpet will show wear and tear more quickly than other colors of carpet so we recommend keeping it in low trafic areas. This could be an excellent choice in a quiet library or guest room.

Looking for popular white floor design trends? Check out the White Floor board at Houzz. And while you’re there, look at the Kermans board for more flooring trends and design ideas.

White wood floors

White washed wood floors are becoming more and more popular in many homes. White washed or light colored wood floors give a room an airy, beach cottage feel. The lighter colored woods tend to look best with wider plank flooring. White wood floors are available in both natural hardwood as well as laminate wood flooring. Learn more about wood floors from Indianapolis wood flooring store, Kermans.

An open design palette

One of the reasons white floors are so popular is that they work well with nearly any interior design. Styles ranging from contemporary to country all work well with a white floor. Having a white floor as the base of your room’s design opens it up to many possibilities. White floors are extremely versatile making it easy to take advantage of other design trends without high remodeling costs.

Excited about white floors but not sure where to start? Make a free design consultation appointment with the experts at Kermans. We can have samples ready to show you so you can start picturing your new floor in your home.

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