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Three popular wood floor trends

Published: February 10, 2015

Hardwood or laminate wood is a classic floor choice. Yet even classic floor choices have popular trends and wood floors are no exception.

Wood flooring manufacturers are working hard to bring a wider variety of options and price points for homeowners. Here at Kermans we are also working hard to keep up on wood floor trends so we can help our customers find just the right floor. Let’s talk about three popular wood floor trends we’re seeing right now. One of these might be just what you’re looking for!

Mixed wood species

Create a truly one of a kind look by mixing different types of wood planks. The different species with their different grain patterns but with the same luster and shade can make your wood floor really stand out. This is a trend that is made possible by using laminate flooring. Mixing natural hardwoods doesn’t work because each wood species expands and contracts differently in different temperatures. Laminate flooring planks, however, are all manufactured the same way – they only look different based on the top layer that is chosen. This trend is a fun way to bring wood flooring into any room of your house.

Wide planks

Here’s a trend that we’ve seen becoming more and more popular. Where older, more traditional wood flooring comes in 2 1/4 – 3 inch wide planks; newer wood flooring is being cut in much wider planks. You now have a range of choices starting with 5, 6, 8, 10 inch planks or even wider. You might even consider installing planks of close but varying widths for some visual interest – this trend tends to work best looking at planks in the 4-6 inch range.

Reclaimed wood 

(Or wood that looks like it’s been reclaimed.) Reclaimed wood can come from a wide variety of sources from old barns to antiques. The ultimate in recycling, reclaimed wood planks lend a history and sense of time to your wood floor. They can be a beautiful choice in a room with a strong rustic feel. They can also, however, be on the expensive side.

Looking for the reclaimed wood look but want something more budget friendly? Look at laminate wood flooring! Again, the process of manufacturing laminate wood is the same regardless of the look of the top laminate layer. Many manufacturers are creating laminate wood that has a distressed, rustic look just right for your design goals.

Shopping for wood floor on a budget? Check out our recent article with tips for finding a beautiful wood floor at a price that’s friendly to your wallet.

Ready to put one of these trends in your home? Stop by Kermans Flooring in Indianapolis to browse our wide selection of beautiful wood flooring. We’ll be happy to help you pick just the right wood floor – trendy or timeless.

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