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Black and white and your floor

Published: February 12, 2015

If something is described as “black and white,” it means that it is easily categorized. Easily distinguished. Clear. Direct. Simple.

While that description is usually talking about life, it can also be applied to a popular interior design trend. Black and white is popping up in a variety of home decorating articles – black and white kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and more. This trend is one that works in any home – black and white rooms are both timeless and trendy. Let’s take a few minutes and talk about how your floor fits with the black and white trend.

Black and white is a look that’s all about the contrast. Sometimes that contrast comes about in sharp relief with deep black and stark white. Sometimes the trend is softened a bit by introducing some grays into the black to mute the contrast. Either way it works just as well in a modern living room as it does in a country kitchen. Black and white makes an excellent foundation for your design because the counterpoints you add make the design all your own.

What wood floors work well with black and white design trends?

Wood floors that are in more neutral shades – think maple or oak – balance out the punch of a black and white design. You can also incorporate the floor into the design trend by using a dark shade of wood such as walnut. Rustic, reclaimed woods and laminate wood flooring designed to look like reclaimed wood can be a great way to let that black and white design really shine. These weathered woods tend to support a black and white color scheme without overwhelming it.

What carpets work well with black and white design trends?

When considering carpet in a black and white design scheme your first question should be: is the carpet part of the design or a neutral foundation for the design? If the carpet is part of the design than you might want to consider a patterned carpet in black and white. If the carpet is more of a foundation piece then any neutral or coordinating color will work. Gray carpets – as the perfect blend of black and white – can serve as a beautiful backdrop for your black and white decor.

Often black and white rooms have a pop of color present in drapes, wall hangings or throw pillows – the carpet could match that bold statement. There’s really no wrong choice in carpet and today’s options of patterns, textures and yarn styles give you a wide variety of choices that will work well with your black and white room decor.

What tile works well with black and white design trends?

If you’re talking tile, you’re probably talking about a kitchen or bathroom – both popular rooms to be designed in the black and white scheme. Bright white tile is the most popular choice in a black and white room – subway tile is very crisp and works well on walls or floors. However, don’t neglect glass tile as a way to tie together black cabinets and a white tile floor. A mosaic of grays, whites or blacks can help soften the black and white look and give it an updated appearance. Gray slate or marble also work well on the floor if you’re looking to soften the contrast in a black and white room.

Area rugs are the perfect design accent.

No matter what type of floor you choose, an area rug can be the perfect accessory. A bold black and white rug becomes the centerpiece of your design theme. A more subtle pattern can take an existing floor from a neutral in to more of a design element. If changing the floor isn’t part of your redecorating budget, an area rug can be the perfect fit for your new interior design and your wallet.

It’s clear – one might even say as clear as black and white – that any type of floor will work well with this popular design trend. If you’re looking to design a room in black and white, stop by Kermans Flooring Store in Indianapolis to ideas, free design assistance and the best variety (at the best prices) in town.

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