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Thinking of wood floor? Think area rug too.

Published: March 15, 2012

Many Indianapolis homeowners are turning to wood flooring for a wider variety of uses than ever before. Wood floor comes in so many varieties and designs that it’s practical for use in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and even finished basements. It’s no secret that wood brings a special polish and shine to a room but we often hear concerns from people about noise level or comfort factor.

That’s where the area rug comes in. An area rug can be a wood floor’s best friend. Area rugs provide the warmth and sound control that is sometimes missing in a room with wood flooring while still letting the beauty of the wood shine. Area rugs and wood floors play off each other’s strengths to give you a beautiful design in a comfortable room.

Kermans Flooring is your best resource for both area rugs and wood flooring. Versatile. Diverse. Comforting. Area rugs can help you set the mood at any price point. With their many styles and colors, area rugs are often considered works of art – but this is art that can work for you. Some of the key benefits to area rugs:

  • Comfort: when laid upon your wood floor, an area rug instantly brings a cozy, soft feel to a room or hallway.
  • Safety: When used with a rug pad, area rugs provide a stable and non-slick surface to help prevent slips.
  • Sound Reduction: Area rugs help absorb and reduce the noise that naturally reverberates from a hard floor – even footsteps between house floors can be quieter with this simple addition.
It’s a natural pairing! And if you haven’t quite made up your mind – here’s a special offer to consider:

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Stop by Kermans Flooring. Check out our wide selection of both wood floor and area rugs. Spend some time with our designers who are here to offer their experience and advice on the best combination for your room. You’ll find that we have the style, selection and prices you need for your home flooring project.

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