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Socially responsible floor shopping

Published: September 26, 2013

Social Responsibility:
the practice of producing goods and services in a way that is not harmful to society or the environment

Social Responsibility is becoming a buzzword. Many companies are taking the environment into account when developing goods so that consumers can make choices that have positive influences on our world. Kermans Flooring understands that value – in terms of price and environmental impact – is important and that’s why we carry some beautiful, long-lasting, environmentally friendly flooring choices for you to consider.

Learn more about socially responsible flooring from our partners at HGTV Flooring.

Bamboo and other sustainable hardwoods

Hardwood may not seem like a socially responsible floor choice at first, but it can be. By carefully selecting woods that are grown nearby and on farms that practice sustainable farming, hardwoods are a friendly choice. They also last longer than most flooring so you won’t be replacing them as often – an added bonus to our planet.

Other natural, wood-like materials are making a big difference in floor offerings. Consider bamboo – a relative newcomer to the natural flooring market, bamboo is a grass that regenerates faster than wood making it an excellent green-friendly product. The hardness varies a bit more than wood but offers a similar look and feel.

Cork flooring

Cork represents a special kind of flooring because it comes from a harvested resource (only the bark is harvested from the tree). Cork floors are made from the waste cork that makes wine stoppers. Cork is appealing to many homes today because it is a renewable resource; a recycled product and with water-based finishes and adhesives creates a long lasting, comfortable floor.

SmartStrand by Karastan

Kermans Flooring is proud to carry Karastan’s SmartStrand carpet. Made of revolutionary carpet fiber, this carpet is environmentally friendly from manufacturing to your home. 37 percent of SmartStrand is made from renewable resources instead of the more limited petroleum-based ingredients used in most other carpets. And with permanant, built-in stain protection, it cleans with water and mild detergents so it continues to be a responsible choice for years to come.

These are just three options carried by Kermans Flooring to help all of us be more socially responsible. Visit our showroom on the north side of Indianapolis to learn more. Beautiful, long-lasting flooring that is also kind to our environment – a smart choice.

Kermans Flooring retail showroom, located at 4505 E. 82nd Street in Indianapolis, showcases beauty, quality and excellence. Fashioned with interior design in mind, Kermans believes in carrying only the finest names and selections at affordable prices for our clients and designers. Learn more about the Kermans Advantage.

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