• Plan Your Floors Whether You Flip, Rent, Sell or Stay

    A house is not a home – and that’s especially true if you’re not planning on making it your primary residence. If you’re a flipper who buys houses to rehab and resell, or you pick up a duplex to use as a rental, you don’t view these properties the same way you do your “real […]

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  • Designing a Forever Kitchen? Here are 9 Timeless Must-Haves

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, and designing a functional and beautiful space takes careful planning. While you don’t need a complete kitchen overhaul to achieve a modern look, certain timeless pieces and flexible styles will ensure your kitchen grows with your evolving needs. Whether you’re designing a kitchen from scratch in your […]

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  • How to Go Bold and Love Your Floors

    Many people want their living spaces to be places of calm enjoyment. They look for flooring that’s functional, attractive, comfortable underfoot, and that doesn’t intrude on the rest of their décor. Handsome hardwoods, stylish carpet, the occasional area rug: that’s about as bold as these folks want to get. Their focus is on their furnishings […]

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  • Flooring project

    Play Favorites with Your Flooring

    When homeowners plan flooring projects, either on a one-room-at-a-time basis or as part of a grand remodel, they typically fall into two categories: Those who know what they want and those who don’t. Sure, the folks in the second category probably have thought through some likes and dislikes, figured out where they want carpet and […]

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  • Choose Karastan LuxeCraft at Kermans for Natural Looks with Installation Versatility

    As you plan new flooring within a home-construction or remodeling project, you make a mental list of great brands that you’d love to have underfoot. If you’re like most flooring shoppers, Karastan tops that list. With its new LuxeCraft product line, Karastan gives you more ways than ever before to add legendary quality to your […]

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  • Flooring Installation

    What to Expect When You’re Expecting the Flooring Installer

    You’ve found the flooring of your dreams, and now, as the installation date creeps closer on the family calendar, it’s time to prepare yourself – and your home – for the big event. Whether you’re having hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile or vinyl put in, what you do next – and what you don’t do – […]

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  • Kermans 100 years

    Kermans Flooring: A century of service, selection and success

    When Robert J. Benjamin left northwestern Persia for the United States as a teenager, he had his sights set on the American dream. Born in 1896 in a city now known as Urmia, a trading center with ancient roots that reach back to the 9th century, he was determined to reinvent himself as a successful […]

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  • Plan the Right Flooring for Your Special-Purpose Dream Project

    If you’ve always dreamt of a home with spaces designed just for the expression of your creativity, now may be the time to make those plans a reality. Whether you want to remodel your current home or build a new residence that includes a special-purpose room, pay special attention to the flooring you choose. Today, […]

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  • The Material World: How COVID-19 Has Affected the Flooring Industry

    Supply-chain shortages have increased delays in fulfilling orders for new flooring. Does that mean you should forget about renovating your home? Of course not, but it does mean that your order make take a bit longer to fulfill than it would have a year ago. A long list of factors has combined to produce this […]

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  • flooring sunroom

    Flooring Ideas and Options for Your Sunroom

    Whether your sunroom really is a sunroom, or whether it’s actually a three-season room or enclosed porch, you want to outfit it with an attractive floor that’s as functional as it is enjoyable. The differences among these three distinct room types actually determine what makes practical sense underfoot. Types of sunny spaces True sunrooms are […]

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  • How to Start Your Flooring Design Project: 4 Priorities

    New flooring can transform your home and make it all the more enjoyable as a living space. Obviously, this isn’t an overnight project, like adding plants to your deck or buying new doormats. You’ll achieve your best results if you plan ahead – and you’ll enhance your plan if you make sure to include four […]

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  • Achieve Visual Interest and Style With Plank Widths and Lengths

      Among the stylish looks you can add to a room – or to your entire home, for that matter – hardwood or laminate flooring in varied plank widths and lengths can help you make a statement. From rustic hardwoods that reveal all the knots and character of natural wood to not-so-faux floors with the […]

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  • Vary Flooring Plank Widths and Lengths for Looks and Style

      Step into an older home and you’re likely to see lovingly restored original narrow-plank hardwood floors, often made from oak boards. That older 2.25″-3″ width standard dominated home designs for decades, but in recent years, homeowners have opted for many alternative widths, as two trends have enhanced the available options for new flooring, including […]

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  • Everything Old Is New Again: Black-and-White Checkers, Terra Cotta and Concrete Flooring

     Rather than chase trends when it’s time to renew your flooring, look to traditional choices for lasting designs that never fall out of favor, including checkerboard patterning, terracotta tiles and poured or tiled concrete. If your notion of these options hearkens back to mid-20th-century implementations, freshen up your expectations and prepare to get excited about […]

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  • Waterproof Vs. Water-Resistant Flooring: Vinyl Vs. Laminate

        “Waterproof” and “water resistant” may sound almost the same, but the two terms define very different capabilities. Water can’t penetrate waterproof flooring, period. From outer surface through the core of the material, waterproof flooring won’t buckle, swell or warp in response to liquid or humidity. It’s a more-expensive option than water-resistant flooring, which […]

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