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Play Favorites with Your Flooring

Published: December 13, 2021

When homeowners plan flooring projects, either on a one-room-at-a-time basis or as part of a grand remodel, they typically fall into two categories: Those who know what they want and those who don’t. Sure, the folks in the second category probably have thought through some likes and dislikes, figured out where they want carpet and where they want something else, but beyond that, they’re really not sure of the look they want – and they’re often unsure of how to find the inspiration they need. In many cases, that inspiration is all around them, in the form of their favorite things.


The heirloom touch

Flooring anchors a room and either draws the eye to itself or recedes neutrally into the background to make something else the star. If the showpiece of a room is a magnificent piece of furniture – family heirloom, vintage find or anything else you really love – then you don’t want your floor to steal the show. On a dark floor, dark furniture disappears, just as light-colored furniture can vanish on a similar-color floor. Instead of overshadowing your vintage armoire or cherished loveseat, create some light/dark distance between the two. The same approach makes sense when you’re showcasing a beautiful rug: Don’t let it fade into the floor.


That’s my color

Fashion designers rarely recommend making an outfit too “matchy-matchy,” with everything the same color, and rooms rarely benefit from too much of a good thing, either. That doesn’t mean you can’t echo a favorite color in your floor, or in a bordered treatment that defines the edges of the room.


The art of it

Harmonize with and highlight a piece of art through a carpet border or rug that picks up dominant tones from a painting or photo and carries them into other parts of the room, or even in an adjoining living space. Note that some works, especially larger ones, may “read” as a different overall color from a distance than what you perceive up close. It’s the same principle that applies when you combine a print or plaid with a solid in an outfit.


Shape and texture

Are you a fan of specific types of shapes or the feel of certain materials? Pick up some of these preferences in your flooring with a patterned carpet or rug. The feel of carpet nap may help you decide among options, too, especially if one of them appeals to your sense of touch.


Try it first

Flooring makes an important investment in your living space and an enduring contribution to how you define your home. It’s not something you change on a whim – and it’s definitely something you want to make sure you love before it’s installed. The Kermans Sample Trial helps you do more than visualize your options. We invite you to borrow these large-scale samples, set them in your rooms and see if what you loved while you were here in our showroom makes an equally good impression in your home. We always want you to find the flooring you love. With our vast selection, we’re certain you will. Contact one of our design consultants today to begin the process of transforming the things you love into the inspiration for the flooring that helps make them look even better.

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