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Reducing wear and tear on your hardwood floor

Published: April 4, 2013

Many Indianapolis homeowners are rediscovering the beauty and value of hardwood floors. Wood floors add timeless value and style to any home. And contrary to popular belief, there are beautiful hardwood options in all price ranges.

Why should you consider hardwood for your Carmel great room, Zionsville den or Avon living room? 

  • As a natural floor product that does not gather dust or allergens, hardwoods are a healthy choice for your home. 
  • There are a surprising amount of options for hardwood floors from traditional, solid hardwood to engineered wood and beyond to environmentally sustainable choices like bamboo or cork. Learn more about the most popular hardwood floors.
  • Today’s stains and finishes make maintenance easier than ever. 
That last point may surprise you – many people have the misconception that hardwood floors are hard to care for. Not true! There are some simple practical steps you can take to keep your hardwood clean, reduce wear and maintain its finish. Watch our latest Tips & Trends video on hardwood maintenance now:


Want more tips on taking care of your hardwood floor? 

1. Check our our Online Hardwood Care Guide
2. Stop by Kermans Fine Flooring on the northside of Indianapolis and talk with our design experts. They can answer your questions and help you select just the right hardwood floor for your home and lifestyle.

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