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Patterned carpet is both pretty and practical

Published: August 1, 2017

Choosing new flooring for your home can be more involved than many people realize. First you have to choose type: hard surface or carpet? Then within your choice you have even more selections to make. Taking a closer look at carpet you’ll be choosing between yarn style and design. Cut and loop or plush? Patterned or plain? How do you decide? Patterned carpets are a big design trend in today’s home decor and they carry both practical and pretty benefits. Let’s take a closer look at patterned carpets.

This carpet gets its pattern from different yarn heights

What is patterned carpet? 

As the name implies, a patterned carpet is a floor covering with a pattern in the design. Some carpets choose to create a pattern with different lengths of yarn or styles of cut. Other carpets take a bolder approach and introduce multiple colors and designs to form patterns that are suitable for formal or contemporary settings. Whether you choose a pattern that is subtly incorporated into the yarns or one that is distinctly created by color, you have some beautiful options from which to choose.

Yarn-style patterns

Yarn-style patterns are generally made by combining some cut yarn with some looped yarn or higher pile loops with lower pile loops. This style is also known as textured carpet and is going to create patterns that are repetitive in nature and may include geometric shapes or more abstract designs. Some patterned carpets of this style include different shades of yarn – often within the same color family – to make the pattern more obvious.

Dyed patterns

Carpet yarns can also be dyed to create a contrasting color pattern. These patterns range the full spectrum from quiet swiss dots to bold swirls and circles. Homeowners can also choose from natural designs – think leaves, flowers, grasses; geometric patterns such as circles, parallelograms… stripes and checks… or even plaids. Yarn colors can also be used to create a repetitive abstract shape in your carpet.

Benefits of patterned carpet

Your selection of carpet pattern is first going to result from your personal preference and home decor style. Design influences aside, there are some very practical benefits to choosing patterned carpets as well:

  • Patterns can make rooms look larger and hallways look longer.
  • Patterned carpets mask stains and spills.
  • Patterned carpets also do a great job of hiding wear and tear – a big benefit for busy homes.

Design considerations with patterned carpet

Ready to go shopping for patterned carpet? Here are a few tips to consider. Patterned carpets work best in rooms that have a neutral color scheme in the furniture and walls. If you want a bold colored carpet, consider a textured, yarn-style pattern in a solid color carpet to introduce a subtle element of design along with your dramatic carpet color.

Learn everything you need to think about before you start shopping with this free Carpet Buyer’s Guide from Indianapolis carpet store, Kermans.

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